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Thread: Oculus

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    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 123 Lbs.
    Age: 13

    Abilities: Ocular Powers
    Heat Vision: Can reach upwards of 1500 degrees Fairenheit
    Cold Vision: Can reach absolute zero
    360 Degree Vision
    X-Ray Vision
    Ability Learning
    Illusion Creation
    Infrared Vision
    Telescopic Vision
    Blood Flow Vision
    Accelerated Perception

    These abilities are available to him in stages

    First Stage: This is his his default stage.
    His 360 Degree, Infrared Vision, and Accelerated Vision are available in this stage.

    Second Stage: His X-Ray Vision is available in this stage.

    Third Stage: His Ability Learning, Heat Vision and Telescopic Vision are available in this stage. However, it drains his energy at an accelerated rate. It also dehydrates him, and requires him to rest for 24 hours after using it.

    Fourth Stage: His Blood Flow Vision and Illusion Creation is available, and his other abilities are enhanced to almost god-like levels. However, he can only use it for 1 minute and 15 seconds due to the energy drain. Pushing this limit can cause blindness, extreme exhaustion, and even death.

    He is skilled with his sword. He can also cut through steel, although his sword can be broken. The sword demo is below.

    His blind spot(above his third vertebrae).
    His sword can be broken.
    His eyes can be damaged
    Anyone who can completely cloak themselves from detection
    Anyone who can manipulate vector fields
    Anyone who is fast and unpredictable
    Anyone with psychic powers
    Omnidirectional Attacks
    He can't see through lead

    Personality: Oculus is an intelligent person. He is also humorous, and loves to read and draw.
    He also likes improving his abilities.


    Strength: 7/10

    Speed: 8/10

    Agility: 8/10

    Intelligence: 10/10

    Durability: 8/10



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    What causes him to go from stage to stage? And for his Cold vision, I would suggest not being able to go to absolute zero, as that would probably kill anyone or anything instantly even if it wasn't a direct hit.

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    Xyskal already said it but you should reduce the limit to higher degrees for the cold vision or it will totally broken
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    When your powers are considered to be "near godlike", time limits rarely mean anything. I'm sure that a near godlike being could destroy nearly anyone within a few moments so a minute and a half would be enough time and a bag of chips.


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    Actually, how short would too short be for a godlike level ability?

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