Greetings all from young to old, new to veteran, lazy to determined. And welcome to the second episode of the Trimester Cup.

The rules are simple:
1. Only one entry per person per episode.
2. It will be encouraged to do the piece on Google Docs, but if you post it on the forum itself, it will still be accepted.
3. The font needs to be Ariel and the font size at 11pt.
4. There are page limits. Minimum of 2 pages and a Maximum of 10. With wiggle room of one paragraph.

EPISODE 2 -Incongruous Elements

Write a creative peace utilizing the words: lighthouse, rabbits, rosebush and ice skates. These would need to be the four elements of your story and thus the challenge is to combine them all in a understandable narrative.

This topic is open to any genre of the writer's choosing. The deadline for the episode will be on the 3rd of February. PM me with your submission. If there are any questions about this topic, do not hesitate to ask.