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Thread: El Logano AMA- would anyone be interested?

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    El Logano AMA- would anyone be interested?

    Hey all,

    I used to be active around here. I go to school with the infamous El Logano and today we were scavenging the site for his legacy.

    His last mention was in 2017, but it looks like there was a period in 2016 in which hating on him gotpopular. I don't know how to verify that I can arrange it or if I do that it's him, but he is on my friends list and I believe that we have interacted multiple times in my post history.

    If anyone has any questions for him, I can ask him.

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    Hmm, I'll have... wait, no, I want... ah screw it I'll go hungry.

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    If this is ok than why can't I make a white power thread?
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    cause its only ignorant to claim you're the best if its obvious you already are

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    Who the hell is he and what did he do that resulted in a parade of Kanga sucking his dick.
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    You'll never make it with an SP social career if you don't know who Charry is by now.

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    Is he a Maverick?

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