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Thread: Dodger

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    (Dodger Fleetfoot)

    The other blue blur

    !! This is Dodgers official page, the last one got deleted accidentally, so don't go saying I'm copying the last Dodger, it's still me, don't worry :P !!

    - Can dodge almost anything
    - Has incredible speed
    - Waits for foes to get tired, then throws out her attacks
    - If she wants to do serious damage, she has a butterfly knife (balisong) stored in her pocket (tends not to use it).

    - Wont get tired easily
    - She's a really difficult target to hit


    - She can be hurt if caught in an explosion, or by an explosive weapon
    - More than 3 fighters attacking at once will confuse her
    - Her punches are pathetic-ish
    - She has a kind-heart, but getting her mad will cause her to think less and just try to injure her opponent rather than dodge them (leading to her being very vulnerable)
    - Cheeky sticks who pretend they're injured will catch her off guard
    - Strong psychic attacks

    (I can't remember the last story I wrote, so here's a new one!)
    Dodger was a young vulnerable girl with not much keeping her alive, she was bullied at school and had no friends. One day, a rather large kid with the name of Wedgie Doctor stole her unicorn doll! Determined to get it back, she fought him but with tireless effort, didn't land a single punch. She was hopeless. After attempting to commit suicide by falling off a treadmill, she couldn't, instead she kept running and running and getting faster and faster, she wouldn't break sweat! She decided to devote her life not to become the strongest, but the fastest! She has developed her own fighting style, by dodging all of her opponents attacks and then waiting for them to tire so she can land her seemingly more powerful punches! Now she travels around, listing to her music in search of Wedgie Doctor and to retrieve her unicorn.


    Dodger VS Reed - WON by forfeit

    Full body:
    (New one coming soon!)

    Xal and Mr.Fluffykins - Hey another blue guy, and what a cute ball of floof!
    STHOM - Did You Know: Dodger really likes rainbows? :P
    Paisu - This guy is Dark Blue?!?
    LuCiel - Friendship is magic!

    Wanna Battle Dodger? Write it in the reply section below!

    Currently in a STICK-y situation with Aalbus and Shinnai

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    Here you go my dude!

    Spoiler for What I've Obtained:

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    Awesome! Thanks Azure!

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