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Thread: GreenGuy

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    ● Emerald sword:
    Crafted out of emerald, a sword is GreenGuys most used weapon.
    ● Duel wield: GreenGuy can turn his sword into two knifes.
    ● Up and lucky: GreenGuy can throw his sword up in the air and can bring it down when and where ever he wants.

    ● Green Jimenez Arms Pistol:
    For close range self-defense, with crafted-steel bullets, going 1220 m/s.
    ● Mean and Green: GreenGuy has the power of slowing down time for at highest 15 seconds, when he uses it a giant green dome 50m high and wide will float over and GreenGuy will be 3 times faster

    ● Quick and durable
    ● Problem solver
    ● Presistant

    Weaknesses -
    ● Giant opponent's
    ● Being straight forward
    ● Does not like pressure

    Personality -
    ● Adventurous
    ● Charming
    ● grumpy

    Bio: Kitsune Charm once was an FBI agent, but when he lost his brother on a mission, he was taken to a drug house and was tested to use these drugs and kill people, but when he found out he went into the shadows...

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    So, two things:

    How long can he slow down time for, and do other people notice when he slows down time, or does he just look like he's moving faster than normal?

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    Erm... Wouldn't being independent be a good thing? It's counterintuitive to list that under weakness.

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    Typically in Call of Duty mobile from APKNite, the green guy is the dick who fools around and makes all of the teammates worse off. They often troll the team purposely, causing them grief and anger.

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