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Thread: 2038(An original novel by GreekGladiator)

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    2038(An original novel by GreekGladiator)

    So a while ago I told Devour to take down the old thread with my previous work because I wanted to scrap it and start fresh again. Now that the idea was finally settled into my head and I have created a basic world for the story here it is:

    The beginning

    Chapter I

    Chapter II

    Of course this is not by any means the final form of it and it is most definately subject to change(especially the prologue). Any suggestions or advice is really welcome and appreciated(and CnC).

    Here I also have a sort of 'table' where I have written some basic things about anything involved in the story. It is not complete either and will probably grow as the story progresses.

    Table of Contents

    Comments are allowed on every document and if they aren't, please let me know.

    EDIT: I hope I will be able to change the title if I change my mind.
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