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Thread: Blue Ink

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    Exclamation Blue Ink

    Blue Ink

    - Abilities:
    •Creative Ink: Ink that he can summon at will that can take any form and copy it's uses. ex: weapon, object, or a vehicle.
    •Ink bubble: Creates a bubble out of blue ink that is as hard as Steel
    •Ink clone: Can make clones purely out of Ink
    •Ink-points: Can mark a spot with ink, to teleport to later, to do this, he must get his ink on both the location he’s teleporting to, and the location he’s teleporting from. After marking the two spots he sinks into one area of his ink and comes out of the other spot.
    •Ink Burst: a somewhat powerful concentrated blast that detonates on impact and is made from his Creative Ink
    - Weaknesses:
    •Water washes away his ink, so anything he creates that touches ink will either melt in his hand or stop working properly.
    •When using creative ink, the more complex/big the creation is, the more ink it uses.
    •Can only make two clones at once.
    •Can only teleport to Ink-points only work within a 100 foot radius.
    •Ink bubble will only last for 30 seconds max.
    •Ink gets slower and weaker based off of the amount of ink he uses per battle.
    •Clones cannot Ink bubble or make more clones.
    •When both of his eyes turn black that means he is out of ink and cannot use his powers until rested (for the rest of the match)
    •Although he can create anything, he has not mastered the use or creation of every item. Any Item that he doesn’t use often will be fragile, not function properly, or , wont form correctly.
    •Blue Ink is not the latest update of ink x, therefor he can only teleport 3 times per 24 hours (per battle)

    - About/Story:
    Blue Ink's real name is ben, and only other inks models know this. He was a regular villager in the Raiterra Forest until a group of criminals experimented on him, as they did other people that lived in cier. This is how he got his powers. Him along with other experiments are now trying to kill their creator for the pain he caused.

    - Demo:

    - Battles: N/A

    - Points: 0/0
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    Nice! All you need actually is a picture.
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    How much ink does he have exactly?
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    I will be waiting once you're done.

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    Ink capacity:

    Quote Originally Posted by Xyskal View Post
    How much ink does he have exactly?
    He has no exact amount of ink due to that fact that his ink capacity changes as I progress his story, but its safe to assume that he can create an entire cruise ship and be down for the count for a few days or so...

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