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Thread: Odd-job Bucket List

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    Odd-job Bucket List

    Weíre not gonna live forever, itís fact of life. There are plenty of things we all want to do before we die, right?

    But it would be boring if there was nothing but ďI wanna swim with a dolphin and go sky divingĒ nonstop, so letís go weird. In short, what are some of the weirder, more out there things you want to do before you die?

    For me, Iíve always wanted to see what a whale tastes like, just a chunk of whale meat and have a taste of it. I would tell you why if I actually knew.

    Another one for me is Iíve always wanted to just smash a wedding cake, but it would have to be someone elseís. Just like some petty revenge for all the shit, boring-arse weddings Iíve been made to go throughout my life.
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    I recently learned about para motors. They look like a ridiculous amount of fun. It's essentially a motor you strap to your back in combination with a parachute. You get into the air by engaging the motor and running to create lift. With around 10 liters of fuel you can get like 1-3 hours of flight time, and you can fly up to ~15,000 feet with some set ups. The rigs are usually like 5-10 grand, with training being a couple grand. Can pretty much legally fly anywhere that's glass G airspace.

    I learn about this stuff and can't believe that more people don't get into it. Definitely something I want to do.

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