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Thread: Daeikzae: Tales of Light And Shadow - Chapter 1 [Resurrection]

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    Daeikzae: Tales of Light And Shadow - Chapter 1 [Resurrection]

    Okkzerso vunso'okkevunlio fekel Daeikzaeiksosaz...

    Spoiler for Chapter 1:

    So that was Chapter One! Any CnC is welcome and appreciated! I can't wait to work on the next ones in the meantime. This character is going to be my best one yet.
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    I'm glad to see that what initally drew me to enjoy your writing is still there.
    However, technically, there's still work to be done.
    I hope explaining you my thoughts will be help towards that.

    Spoiler for Remarks:

    Spoiler for Correction Suggestions:

    Spoiler for Questions:

    Excluding the first segment which I've already explained, this is a good introduction to the arc. I enjoyed reading it.
    I'll get to the other two chapters as soon as possible : )

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