Hello all,

Been a few since I posted on here. But as of yesterday, myself and many members of the community have come together in a collaborative effort to try and get a "rebirth" of Stick Empires to happen. The game hasn't had an update in over two years, which saddens all of us. With a petition that already has over 40 signatures (44 at time of posting this), we wanted to try to grab enough attention for Brock and Crazy Jay to see the community still cares. That's not all. We're also, with the help of the Raging Infernos Community, CrazyMark Studios, and the SE community, we are forming a team that if Brock and CJ somehow accepted, would work on and continue to develop the game. All of this would be funded through our own pockets, and we really want as much of the community possible seeing this. We emailed CJ and Brock with all the details, with no response as of yet.

For ALL details concerning this, and to voice your opinion and support, please visit our petition.

We don't wanna see this game die. Join the movement.