The more players, the much more ventures are located. The server cannot handle this many individuals looking for means to fuck over the server.
As brand-new ventures are found, brand-new plugins are put in to fix them, which also fuck over 2b2t's gameplay because they fuck up normal game mechanics.
Back before june 1st, the only plugins that fucked up spunk remained in area to stop dupes. Hoppers were slow, as well as dispensers would not toss out products that weren't stacked, there could've been a couple of other things however that was really it. You could not get to the roof covering
Today: you obtain kicked for being AFK, you cannot use Elytra, redstone is fucked, maps get reset from time to time, the server has spells of 1tps where it takes 5 minutes to consume, aggressive crowds vanish actually swiftly, chunk make is lower, you get kicked after ten minutes for no factor ... and if the gamer count doesn't get reduced, this will just obtain even worse

What sort of hamper still intends to play 2b2t instead of Minewind?

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