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Thread: Xane

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    - Name:Xane Pronounced: (Zān)
    - Picture: Poorly Drawn AttachmentXane Image.png
    - Abilities: Staff, Ice
    - Weaknesses:When he uses his full power he gets exhausted easily,little battle experience, needs to improve accuracy
    - Story: Xane was born in a big city. Places to go, many people to see. He was bullied a lot in school and got in many fights. Reason of bullying, well he was powerless at the time. One day, he wasn’t taking it anymore. He saw a poster on his way home from school of a dojo that awakened the abilities of young sticks. He went to that dojo and discovered he had a great hidden power spiraling inside of him. Later in school he wasn’t bullied anymore, some even say feared by many but really he just wanted to get the chance of an even fight. There was no one around to test his abilities on so he decided to join the RHG (Rock Hard Gladiators)
    - Demo:
    - Battles finished: None
    - Points: 0/0
    Software: Pivot
    Availability: Maybe
    Power: 4/10 (Full Power: 8/10)
    Durability: 3/10
    Endurance: (base: 10/10 Full Power: 2/10)
    Focus: 10/10
    Reflexes: 7/10 (Full Power:10/10)

    Averagebase: 7/10 Full Power: 7.5/10)
    Other info:
    -He produces the ice from his body
    -He can change the temperature NEARBY him
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    What is his "full power" anyway? And how does he produce ice? Does he control the temperature around him, does his body produce it, etc?

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    I am testing out designs for his full power.
    His body produces the ice.
    He does control the temperature around him (Only Cold)

    Thanks for helping me realize all of the information left out.

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