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Thread: A Cry for Help!

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    A Cry for Help!

    Alright, I know the lounge is more or less dead, and hardly anyone passes through here anymore, but I knew it wouldn't be good to advertise on the actual Discord of SP and better to ask for help here.

    Now, me and a buddy of mine IRL are working on a project we hope to expand upon in the future, but for right now I'm focusing on writing it out as a complete story, almost a novel. I'd like to get some feedback on said story, and have made a Discord server for just this reason. Now, if I can get enough support and people on the server along with interest in the topic, I'm willing to post the first chapter/episode on this thread for review and CnC.

    If you'd like to join you can either message me on Discord (Username Ignus-Senpai#4525), or just PM me on Stickpage and I'll give you the link.
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