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Thread: Nirvana

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    Yağız - Nirvana
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    Nirvana's story:Nirvana's family killed when he was 16.The people who killed his family was calling himself ''Kravens''.They deleted all his memories and give him the name Nirvana.They gave enemy groups to Nirvana.They made 2 guns for him.A shooting scythe and a special sword.His scythe can transform to a box.The boss of Kravens' name was Illumina.Illumina gave Nirvana a special power of cloning himself.But he has weaknesses too.He cant run too fast because of his scythe.His clones may be bad or good which depends on Nirvana(If he is angry than he makes a bad clone if he is happy he makes good clones.).And bad clones try to kill Nirvana after his target.His clones only live 10 minutes.His scythe needs to cool down.

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    Please organize it like this here:

    I can say your rhg is okay, but 10minutes before the clones disappear? I cant even do a fight that long just to make the clones disappear. You can say 20 secs or half a minute or something near those.

    The demo. I can't say much, but try adding the clones. I know it's hard to animate but in a demo you need to show all of your powers, so that we know how it works.
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