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Thread: Cody

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    [IMG]Cody darkness.gif[/IMG]
    Abilities: Cody have the power of shadow,darkness and light. He have the ability to manipulate shadow to create weapons,he can obtain information from other people by looking at their shadow. Cody enter a dimension called ,the shadow real. In this world, any person without darkness powers cannot move. He is strong enough to punch a guy through a building made of titanium and reinforce steel. He is tough as he got sky attack by a supersonic plane, getting shot by a mini gun and throw across a city. Cody power to use various moves that he created.

    Clone tactic: Where he create clone of himself to confuse his enemys. These clone can also hurt the enemy and blind them for a couple second.

    Teleport dash: Using this move, he can travel at mach 10(basically go anywhere really fast). This move can also become an attack
    where he ramp the opponent with great force, shattering their insides and bones.

    Ender summon: He can summon a creature called the limbo to help him in battle.

    Lunar force: He can shoot various beam to damage the foe.

    Force fields: He's force field is strong enough to withstand a barrage of missle shoot toward him. He can also reflect energy attack from opponents using this move.

    Since there are many moves in his arsenal, this makes him unpredictable.

    Weakness: As weaknesses goes, he can be pin down by multiple people that equal his power and strength.There a limit to his force
    Field's durability and using too much shadow, darkness or light energy in battle can result in fatigue.Due to his species, he is weak to light magic but this can be overcome by changing forms like his dark shadow form.His sometime suffer from PTSD from his
    past that I going to talk about.

    Story: He was born in a village between thunder mountain and dark valley.The village was the home of the limbo users, a almost
    exited spieces that can using the power of shadow, darkness and light. He was happy living there with his father Victor and his mother lilie. It was peaceful there until it was discovered by a organization unknown to some people. This organization destroyed the village as it was a threat to the organization plan. The organization's soldiers was killing any villager in the village including
    Cody's mother and father. As the last remaining surviver surrounded by the soldier, stand by his dead father and mother. A burst of anger rage inside him ,causing his power to awake beyond any imagination. The power destroy and killed any living thing inside and
    around the village, leaving a desolated land. As the last surviver, he put on his father scarf and left the village to explore the world and getting revenge on the organization.

    Demo is coming soon.
    Battles and points is also coming soon:).
    Cody forms:
    [IMG]Cody elementals forms.gif[/IMG]
    [IMG]Fusion forms.gif[/IMG]
    The information on the elements from is in progress.
    Watch Cody vs Ultra on YouTube.
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