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Thread: Mekrem

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    Weapon:Dark Swords can fire fire bullets and whenever Mekrem wants sword can be a fire sword.
    Story of the swords:When Blake's 16 his family got killed,and his brother gets kidnapped.They think Blake is dead,but he wasn't.Blake went to police,and in the way,some ninja looking guy kidnapped him.They tie his hands and legs and put him into a cave.There was an old guy in the cave.He was talking but Blake wasn't understanding what he says.Then old guy stands up and unties Blake's hands.Blake was going to escape,but then old guy said ''Young man,im going to give you weapons.You will protect yourself with them.''.And then Blake takes the swords.

    Abilities:He can steal people's abilities.

    Ability:If he cant focus on stealing an ability,then he can't steal.
    If he gets hurt,or the one which has his ability stolen dies,he loses the ability.
    Weapon:When his swords are on fire,they start to slow him down.
    When swords shoot,there is possibility of swords stuck.
    Himself:He can be tired very quickly so he can need a nap.

    Story:When Blake's 16 his family got killed,and his brother gets kidnapped.They think Blake is dead,but he wasn't.Blake went to police,and while he is on way he got kidnapped.Then he got saved with a miracle.He starts to call himself Mekrem.And his duty is finding his brother,and fighting everyone until he finds him.


    Fights:Never fought.


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    Hi, I think your RHG is awesome. As a tribute to its greatness, I corrected all your english mistakes, added personnal info ( like its color, scarf color, and added eye color ) and organized your text in the quote below !

    Please consider pasting my quote to your post in order for people to be eased with the text of your RHG info !

    also, your picture is unjoinable, can you add it ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mami View Post

    Spoiler for Personal Data:

    Spoiler for Story:

    Spoiler for Abilities:

    Spoiler for Weapons:

    Spoiler for Weaknesses:

    Spoiler for Demo:

    Spoiler for Fights:

    PS: Please allow me to help you by linking you this video that will teach how to animate perfect impact !
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