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Thread: Warblade bears the demon Powers Of Um' NhakT'aL

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    Canadian Warblade bears the demon Powers Of Um' NhakT'aL

    - Abilities:
    Warblade bears the demon Powers Of Um' NhakT'aL
    He has a critical demon blade that is the Warglaive of Dalaran .
    - Weaknesses:
    Warblades weakness is holy powers like crosses, bibles .and holy water

    - About/Story:
    The story wrapped around WarBlade who get bullied by his own tribe because he cannot master the energy, unlike his younger brother Chaos who called the genius. And later it was revealed that actually WarBlade is a genius who appear among 1 billion people and can master the soul. The problem is, soul mastery is forbidden around the tribe.He was banished from the tribe and has fled to the demon world.

    - Demo:

    - Battles: upcoming battle with a new character

    - Points: 0/1

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    thanks you very much

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