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Thread: Obzidias - Black Glass Warrior

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    No comment.

    Obzidias - Black Glass Warrior

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    Name: Obzidias/Oida
    Alias: Obsidian
    Title: Black Glass Warrior

    Spoiler for <Abilities>:

    Spoiler for <Weaknesses & Limitations>:

    Spoiler for <Lore>:

    Spoiler for <Personality & Alignment>:

    Spoiler for <Appearance>:

    Spoiler for <Battle Demo>:

    Spoiler for <Relations>:

    Spoiler for <Attributes>:

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    SH@D0WC0RE vs fireflygoddess
    Result: Loss

    Status: AVAILABLE

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    He looks really neat! Lookin' forward to seeing him in action!

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    Welcome. Most of us a bit busy but I hope you stick around.
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    my my my what an interesting fighter we have here. -chuckles a bit- i think i will have to welcome you to the writers lounge by challenging you to a fight.
    Though it be dark there shall always be a light. You just have to look for it. ^_^

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    Of course, of course. I couldn't just show up and not poke around everyone new here.

    But seeing as it's my cycle on the vampire elder's throne, I'm awake again and ready to rumble.

    Which means I'm also offering CnC to folks if they so desire.
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    Can i fight him too I have taken too long a break from this and need to beat off the rust. Not to mention fight a battl I probably can’t win.
    Availability : Come get me when your ready.

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