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Thread: The OC Interviews 3

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    "Meh, I might visit one. It would depend really on the ghost's disposition towards visitors but the answer is probably not. I mean, if you happened to be a ghost, would you want your house to be paraded as some attraction?" Derrick questioned. "Living with one might be a different story though dependin on roommate agreements and everything. I imagine that it would be pretty important to establish the ground rules beforehand but once you get into the swing of things, it might not be that bad. I have a minor followup question for you Annabelle. What would you do if there was a ghost in your motel?"
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    "I'd hate to say it, but I'd probably market it," Annabelle admitted, "When I made enough to relocate I'd leave, but it's not like the bank would refund me, and if I sold it, it'd be a coin toss if it'd just sit on the market, someone worse would buy it, it'd be demolished, or maybe someone good? That's just assuming it's not a dangerous one, in which case I'd probably have to just abandon it." She leaned back. "I would leave a room vacant though. I wouldn't be the best, but I'd try not to be the worst, either. Vaguely on the topic of horror though, if you had to live in any genre of film, which would you choose? Bearing in mind, you'd have to deal with all the rules of that world."

    "I feel like romance is the obvious answer..." Johni's voice had already trailed off before the end of the word, "...Buuuuut a world full of stalkers would be a nightmare, and some of us are getting left at the alter." The girl groaned as she fell back. "Someone else go, I'm gonna need a minute."

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