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Thread: Stick Empire Account Hacked Please Help, Crazy Jay

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    Stick Empire Account Hacked Please Help, Crazy Jay

    My account is hacked. I will want my account back. The hacker changed the Email and the Password of the account, but I still have the Facebook Link.
    I want to know is there any way to retrieve the account?

    If I cannot get my account back, I will spam his PM so that he cannot use the account.

    PS: The two GIF below show how he hacked my account.
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    I mean? This isnt a hacked account. You gave him your password. Don't do that in the future. If you need to get in contact with the developers I'm sorry to say they're no longer working on the game. Just make a new account, lol.
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    Yeah, I agreed with you. He gave his password itself. Who hacked his account used really good trick to get his password. Zoxman thought that he will get free coins which is really important in game for free and that hacker got access to his account. I have also heard some kind of stories in website in which hackers has stolen many players password through some these kind of tricks.

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