Aaaaah, finally caught up!

As a continuation of the chapter before, I'd like to see more of how A004's being perceived by his people. Going by what I read today, he doesn't seem to hold them in high regard and continues to only focus on his partner. 91's shift also seems a bit of a jump from Chapter 11, and while I get the situation they're all in is endlessly more stressful than the day before, it still comes up out of nowhere, and with no push back in response. Generally speaking, the more frustrating the situation, the more tense things get between the people in them. Before this, Elise is displayed at a bit emotionally unstable and 91's a cocky son of a gun, but Elise doesn't say bite back at all to any of "the fuck"s 91 shouts. It just felt out of character for them both, I suppose.

Similarly with character and changes to the character, if growing neglect and indifference is going to be important to a character moving forward, it's still important to show, even if both things are an absence of something else. Showing that A004's hanger is cut off from the others, hitting home that he has no idea who any of these people are and showing him choose not to interact with the convoy would all be ways to do this.

Looking forward to the next part!