Seems lame already huh?

1-This is for Easytoon , Flash will be allowed(see rules for flash users.)
2-You need to animate at least 3 seconds of a video game character, people cannot pick the same character as another.
3-Due date is July1st - July7th
4-Money prizes are only available if 5 or more people submit an entry(otherwise drawn trophies will be given).
5-One entry per person.

Flash User Rules
1-Must be pure black and white, no colors, gradients or effects(blur, glow, bevel etc) should be used.
2-Refrain from using multiple layers, you may use up to 2
3-Please, no tweening.
4-One entry per person.

Any infrigments of the rules will lead to imidiate disqualification!

1st place: $10
2nd place: $6
3rd place: a drawn trophy

- no entry or not taken spot yet
= entry made and accepted
x disqualified

-MaxZ : Legend of Zelda; Link
-Avian : Mario; Mario
-Puinkey : Sonic; Tails

I will not be making an entry. I will make a poll on July8th

Bugs and errors fixed:
I mixed up June for July, due dates fixed.