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Thread: Rainbow dude of light

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    Rainbow dude of light

    Name rainbow dude
    Powers- black hole bomb, can summon a "color hole" that sucks in the powers and strength of any basic color stickfigure around it (as in stick figures with only one color) has multiple forms, base form, super rainbow, true rainbow and infinite rainbow, can change size, can go 100x light in base, 1000x in true. can shoot a rainbow cannon laser, can teleport, destroy galaxies in a instant in pure form, can clone self, and stop time, and manipulate time, can manipulate reality and absorb energy from other lasers, can change the size and any attributes of other people as he pleases, can warp through universes, can disable other abilities for 5 secomds
    - Weaknesses of your Gladiator after going a form, after 60 seconds of being in the form rainbow will be forced to base and will not be able to use abilitys for 10 seconds
    - Story of your Gladiator Red continues his college career after the tournament when he finishes recovering, everyone that died from the tournament revived, (Obviously) and Red meets some new colors, but ofcourse they are weaker than him. But a Color Olive warns him not to go to the forest, People come in there and never come back
    Unfortunately, Red becomes friends with a Color named Crimson, and Crimson tells red that they are gonna go camping in the forest>
    Tomorrow, Blue informs red about what is behind that forest. There is a very powerful dark astral that wants all the powers to every color to himself, legends say that he's the very first color in existence
    Some say he's the devil himself.
    the dark astral has kinda the same backstory as rainbow, born a basic color.
    He was living a happy life, until when he came back from high school, his parents were found dead. He sees a dark creature that is killing everyone. He trains to obtain power, and then he defeats the dark creature.
    He realizes that his soul was corrupted after he defeated the dark creature. When you tough the dark creature's aura, your soul becomes corrupted and you become agressive and evil.
    That's what happened to him, he still remembers his backstory, and he wants to destroy everyone after what happened. That's why he wants to take every power from everybody The Dark Lord entered existence on the 7th year of the time life was even created. When he obtained the power he has now when his parents are killed, he has created powerful creatures that will probably soon surpass him.
    He has created rainbow as a basic color, but he became stronger every year when the omniverse was being created.
    At the year 1462 rainbow became the strongest creation of the dark lord, but at that time the dark lord's soul was corrupted.
    Rainbow has became invisible to everybody, Including the Dark Lord, not many people know rainbow as of now.
    But the dark lord has been becoming stronger every second due to his corrupted soul and has surpassed rainbow a couple of years after. Red, Stropion, and Rainbow all oppose the dark lord for becoming an evil boy and is gonna finish him off.
    - Demo of your Gladiator
    - Battles you've finished 1
    - Points of how much you've won/lost 1/0
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