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Thread: [RHG Demo] Endle

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    [RHG Demo] Endle

    I'm sorry If I wrong something, Please tell me my mistake...

    - Abilities:
    “ Fractal”
    - He can create things (it's not lives. just object) by his tail eats. When he has glass ball on his tail.
    - He also copy himself infinitely. but When he is can't fight.

    - Weaknesses:
    Endle: woman. I can't understand. oh, and I don't like cold place.
    tail: water. If his tail was drenched, he can't copy.

    - About/Story:
    He was a test stand. He lives biologiteces Ink.. he was planted with a parasite. This is become to “tail”. He is going to escape to hospital, and got there.

    - Demo:

    - Battles:

    - Points:
    not yet.
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