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Thread: The New Stickpage!?!?!

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    The New Stickpage!?!?!

    A new stickpage Will be here very soon!

    We have a new coder named Sawyer and stickpage is going to be insane!

    Massive changes all for the better!

    Here is the Plan guys:

    we are going to move scrap and move it to something like or for example. (you wont lose your current accounts)

    Lose the Art portal.

    The Flash portal will actually work.

    Forum Log in will be seamless with the Portal.

    New posts updates on the front page.

    Portal submissions will be featured, and top of the week will automatically appear on the front page of

    Tutororials section.

    Improved forums.

    Improved User Pages.

    New Faster Better servers for faster loading pages.

    Complete re-design with a ton of goodies and fun stuff to do.

    Better reviews, Better more fair Scoring and Trophies that will all work for once!

    If you have any constructive idea's that you would like to see for the new stickpage please let us know.

    Between Zulu Sawyer and myself we will try our best to make keep this community alive and make it the best experience possible.

    edit* Current Forum posts will not be lost.

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    Senior Member Fr0zEnPh0eNiX's Avatar
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    I didn't think I'd ever see you post again. o.O
    If anyone understands my signature, I love you.

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    Custom User Title Omega's Avatar
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    Hmm, sounds interesting.

    Good luck with it; I'll certainly appreciate it when it is finished.
    I have herpes.

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    For The H0rde

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    Will the forums be wipe out; have a new start?

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    Is horrible at drawing. Joose's Avatar
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    Sounds cool, can't wait to see what it looks like.

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    Pura Vida StrunG's Avatar
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    Wow sounds good. Are you guys redesigning the forums too? I kind of like the skin we already have.
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    Oh there will be blood...

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    Sounds great .

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    Improving is what I do Ssjbryando's Avatar
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    Alliance yo.

    Sounds gooood. I'm happy the loggin in thing is being fixed, as well as the portal. The portal is such a great adding, but a shame of how it became.


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