Name: Katie June
Age: *confidential*
Location: I live in Thailand at the moment, but I plan to move back to Korea in the future. (I'm Korean btw)
Reason for Joining: I watched some animations on YouTube and started following Gildeguy's works and was inspired by him to start practicing animations. So, mainly I joined to feel motivated to learn how to animate and stickfigures seemed pretty simple enough to animate (compared anime characters with lotta detail QwQ).
Favorite animation program: At the moment, I just started learning how to use Flash, but I'm still looking for other programs to see if there's any that I will be comfortable with. Back then I just drew several pictures and put them together in Movie Maker and it somehow worked... XP
Anything Else: I draw a lot of comics rather than making animations. (I also make my own soundtracks in which I hope to feature soon)

I'm pretty new to the whole Stickpage stuff so some of these things are confusing and I kinda see I'm a bit late to the fandom. I hope to learn tips on animating once I figure some things out and develop skills for the future.
Everyone is so talented here! <3