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Thread: Possible Writing Website

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    Possible Writing Website

    Where it's at

    Early stages, nothing's set in stone, but I like the name and logo.

    What's Next

    Just starting, found my old files, kinda lucked out. Gotta make an about page, intro text and fish around forum options.

    To Do List

    Fill out pages
    -Find working one
    -Set up threads/topics
    Set up Substitute wRHG system

    What's Needed

    Since it's a writing site, I need stories to build a gallery with. Library with? Ideally nothing that actually has 'RHG' on it. I'm not a lawyer, but I think we'll have to rebrand it. On that note, for lore, should we add a bit? I feel like we should, but in a way that we leave it open to use all kinds of characters

    Also, any input would be great!

    How to Submit

    Apparently Google feels like making me jump through some hoops, so I won't be able to format/download anything I'm sent, so any stories you want up, I'll need a PDF of. For consistency sake, I'll also take a title page with a chapter name/number if applicable, and who it's by, ideally with the username you'd use if this all pans out. For readability, the title should be font 36, and everything else should be 18.

    After that, I'll need an email, unless you know of another way to send/upload files. For now, is fine, but I'd likely get something snazzier after the domain is bought

    Spoiler for How to make a Google Doc a PDF:
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