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Thread: School Proxies

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    School Proxies

    Yo, I'm bored as fuck in my computer class. I was wonderin if anybody knew some good proxy websites that I hope aren't blocked. Please, thanks.

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    Just search 'proxy'. Eventually you'll find something.

    Haha, I'm on spring break.

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    Yeah I've done that. The school's blocked like 3 pages of proxy websites.

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    . That sucks. Just go on Addicting games or Arcade Pod. That's what I normally do.

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    Based on your corporate access policies, access to this web site ( ) has been blocked because the web category "Games" is not allowed.

    My school's fucking gay.

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    Huh, we're aloud to at my school.

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    download ultrasurf, that's what i use in school. youtube works well on it too.

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    Damn, your school is gay.
    The only site my school has blocked is newgrounds because too many people were watching hentai.

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