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Thread: Dating app advice

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    Jun 2019

    Dating app advice

    There are a lot of dating apps, but what's the best?

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    May 2019
    Ugh, I've already used a lot of dating apps and seen a lot of fake profiles (the picture of account was a slim women, but in reality she was fat). Where are the moderators of such apps? For example, when I used dating apps, I was always sent messages by such fake accounts, but I simply wanted to find a person that could make me happy... So I was looking for apps that have high moderation and don't use matches by algorithms. Fortunately, my friends had already used such app and advised me the Brilic app review. You know what? There I found a really awesome girl, and now, after 2 years of relationship I understand, that that girl makes my dream come true - makes me happy every day...

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    Muller, agree with you, because mainly in such apps there are a lot of fake accounts...
    That's why I don't trust people until I see them firsthand

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    I think the best advice you can get is to be yourself during communication. On any good dating site you will be able to find people you will like.

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    Did you tried it in real life?

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    I know there are lots of dating apps on the web, but i prefer using web sites. For example, when i need to meet Philippines girls, i go to and start looking for a meeting. You can try this too, it's not necessary using app. Or just go to apple or play store and find app you like.

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