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Thread: Enneth Null

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    Enneth Null

    Name: Enneth Null

    Spoiler for <Abilities and weaknesses>:

    Story: Enneth Null was born under the name Andrei Petrov, and served in the military police. Then a Lieutenant, he joined project E.R.E.B.U.S, a supersoldier initiative based on those powers. Alongside Lt. Robin Nell, a friend of his, he did testing for the project. When the project was first used, the operator of the Erebus technology was reported firing on civilians, at the instruction of the head of the Project. Completely disillusioned by now, he stole the prototype and fled. He now seeks to take down the government that committed such atrocities, operating under the name Enneth Null.

    Personality: Enneth Null is rarely seen out of combat, but when he is, he tends to be quite sullen. He is clearly still guilty about what he has taken part in. He is also often cynical and hedonistic, unable to take pleasure in anything else. Sleep and food are his main sources of pleasure nowadays.

    Appearance: Enneth Null wears a black trenchcoat, under which he wears a breastplate made of an unknown material, which is very light but still provides a good degree of protection. The trenchcoat bears a hood, which, along with a gas mask with a blue visor, hides his identity.

    Spoiler for <Demo>:

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    Yoyoyo, new member.

    The concept of your character seems interesting and would like to see him in action. However, you found this site at an unopportune moment. So just copy past all of this and post it on the Web of Writers where I and other people will give you proper CnC (Comment and Critique)

    EDIT: Wait, shit.
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    Seriously, as GreekGladiator said, we've migrated to another site. If you register to the site at the end of the link he gave you, introduce yourself, and post your character there, you probably find a much more active reception.
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