So you love brainy American heroines and the stalwart, strapping English heroes who love them? Then this is the book for you. USA Today bestselling author Maya Rodale wraps up her Keeping Up With The Cavendishes series with Lady Claire Is All That.

When her brother James shockingly inherits a dukedom, it's Claire who convinces her siblings to give England a chance. She possibly has an agenda. OK, fine, she is fervent about math and numbers, and this is her only way to meet the Duke of Ashbrook. She has dreamed of telling him how much she loves the papers he’s written for the Royal Society. Claire longs for the opportunity to discuss his difference machine with him and offer a few possibilities she has worked out to enhance his analytical machine even further. She certainly doesn’t desire crossing an ocean to attend silly balls. She will, however, put up with them for her siblings’ sake.

Maximillian Frederick DeVere, Lord Fox, took a hit to his pride when his perfect-for-him fiancée eloped with an actor. Still, he’s a competitive man. So when a comrade insists no one can transform Lady Claire, given the rapidity with which she has been driving prospective grooms away by the droves with all her talk of math, Max promptly bets he can. He even goes so far as to wager his beloved dog. Almost as quickly, he wonders what the hell he was thinking. He loves all things physical and he’s a social creature. God knows he doesn’t understand a fraction of what Lady Claire talks about. Yet he is genuinely drawn to the passion she displays rhapsodizing over the very topics he fails to understand.

Claire finds Lord Fox a mental lightweight. But he certainly is physically appealing. And he manages what she was unable to do for herself: He introduces her to the very Duke she’s been dying to meet, then escorts her to the Royal Society to talk with likeminded mathematicians. And before she knows it, Fox is introducing her to a passion that owes nothing to math.

Maya Rodale has penned a quirky novel peopled with unique characters and situations not often seen in historical romance.