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Thread: How to Choose a VAZ for used car

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    How to Choose a VAZ for used car

    The brainchild of the Togliatti automobile plant is still the most popular means of transport on the secondary market in Russia. They are chosen for a variety of reasons, among which are: affordable cost, low-cost repairs, good adaptability to domestic off-road and unpretentious operation. Nevertheless, the choice of a used car is always associated with a certain risk of acquiring a problem car both legally and technically. Autocode tells how to choose a VAZ car, and what to look for when buying.

    How to choose a used car VAZ
    First, let's talk about what you should pay attention to first.

    It is no secret that the most expensive repair requires a car body. Therefore, first of all, we look at the state of iron. Read more about how to check the paintwork and body geometry of a used car . If you find signs that the car has been repainted or that the body geometry is broken, most likely the vehicle has been in a serious accident. From the choice of such a car is better to refuse. Also, do not buy a vehicle with traces of corrosion. VAZ cars rust quickly enough. But it may take a lot of manpower and money to slow down the “bloom” of body elements.

    Inner filling
    Checking the car VAZ when buying

    Next, check the status of the main components and assemblies. Experts recommend especially carefully examine the performance:

    transmissions (extraneous noise when changing gears, as well as difficulties in shifting them indicate problems with the gearbox, the replacement of which (especially if it is automatic) will cost several tens of thousands of rubles);
    suspension elements (swaying cars while driving - the first sign of problems);
    engine (dark or gray exhaust when the power unit is running indicates that the latter needs a major overhaul, which will also be a pretty penny);
    electrical equipment (problems with an electrician are found in used VAZs quite often, so if, when inspecting the car, you find an involuntary wiper or sound signal, be ready to replace the mounting block).
    As they say, there are always two “fools” on the market - one sells, the other buys. The owner in 99 cases out of 100 is not going to tell you about all the faults of his used car. If you are not sure that you can independently identify the shortcomings of the technical condition of the vehicle - it is reasonable to take a knowledgeable person with you. It will help you make the right choice and, if necessary, will report on any faults that you simply do not notice. If finances allow, one of the most rational options is to check used cars in a specialized service center. The truth for the quality of diagnostics will have to pay several thousand rubles.

    You can order a field check on the Autocode website. Read more about the field diagnostic service.

    What models of VAZ is preferable?
    Which car is better?

    When choosing a used car, one of the main parameters is its cost. For used cars VAZ with a price tag of 40-50 thousand rubles. better not to pay attention. For such money, in most cases, sellers offer a pile of scrap metal, which will require considerable financial injections and frequent repairs. Next, consider the more expensive options.

    In this price category it is optimal to choose representatives of the classics - VAZ 2105, VAZ 2106 or VAZ 2107. It is advisable to buy a car no older than 2003-2004 year of release. These are reliable and time-tested cars that, with appropriate care and compliance with the rules of operation, will serve more than one year.

    Here the undoubted leader is the VAZ 21099, released 10-12 years ago. It is better to choose a vehicle with an injector. Specialists do not recommend buying cars with carburetors. If you decide to opt for this model - pay special attention to checking the brake system. Make sure that oil and other liquids are not leaking, and there is no rust on the arches and sills. In addition, the weak point of the VAZ 21099 is the cabin heater, so make sure it works. Another problem inherent in these models is the strong rattling of interior trim parts, which, however, is observed in almost all old Zhiguli models.

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    Buying used can get you a great car for significantly less money. But they come with significant risks as well TT Rock Stars.

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