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One thing that I realized needs to be considered is that this setup affords the mafia extra opportunities to kill during the night. Let's say there's 2 mafia: a troll and a sectional moderator. In addition to their nightkill, the troll can use their ability on a regular user, and the sectional moderator can visit a bot. That's three kills in one night.
So is there a benefit still to claiming Bot? Whoever says they are, are basically screwed if the Mafia have some sort of role reveal during the night.

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If they know exactly who to target then we're basically fucked in that regard. We can either level the playing field by having a mass claim and hope that we can use the night actions/kill(s) in conjunction with our daytime abilities to root out someone during day two, or we can keep our roles a secret and possibly even abstain from using them altogether to try and neuter any role-based advantage the mafia might have.

I'm leaning toward the latter because of a few possible benefits. If by any chance one of the mafia has the Hewitt role then they have a chance of killing themselves during the night if they're shooting blind. Assuming neither of them are ex-mods, they have a 1/7 chance of wasting a night kill on one. These aren't guaranteed but it's possible.
Looking back at my own convoluted plan, I'd have to agree with yours for Day 1. By the time Day 2 arrives, a possibility of zero or more kills will occur which could give us info regarding the pool that we have currently and what was discarded. We can begin to deduce from there what roles are left and what can benefit and begin witch hunting for liars.

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What's certain is that we can't do anything during the night that's guaranteed to work in the town's favor. If I'm wrong then please correct me but as far as I can tell we're just risking more deaths by using our night abilities blindly on day 1. There's a slim chance that one of us will get lucky and catch mafia by luck but I don't think it's worth it to try this early.

There don't seem to be any clear benefits to a mass role claim. But there are certain roles that will become useful on day 2 for catching liars among other things, that's when we'll start claiming.
I disagree on the notion that Night Actions will result in death or favor the mafia only. Information here is a two way street, what we know, the Mafia knows either way. Sectionals can lower the role pool enough to assist in helping us deduce on whats left. We can keep abstaining on using the powers of other rules until we can get a clear picture. That's my two cents.