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Thread: It's 2019 so Let's Play Dead Ass Mafia!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero View Post
    You're right -- You did bring up the point of looking back at the situation. My concern was that we were tunnel visioned focus on Poppet's connection as a mafia to other players v.s Xyskal's death where no discussion was made at all. The players barely mentioned or chimed in their input regarding Xyskal and only made inputs on Poppet -- including you.
    Right, everyone was guilty of it, except for Smile who tried to make a few points here, but go back and read them, do you feel like they're helping us right now? Are we better off for analyzing this?

    I just re-read everything after the post you're attacking me for ignoring, and the contribution toward that discussion from Arch and Error can be summed up as "Xyskal died and I have no idea why". I'm in the same exact boat.

    I recognize the potential in analyzing the previous day after the allegiance of players are confirmed post-mortem, that's why I urged other people to do it, in case they catch something I missed. I was the first to do what you suggested, before you suggested it, and I came up with nothing. Same as pretty much everyone else.

    When you brought up Xyskal's death again, in a way that implied you were the first to bring it up when you weren't, I ignored your post because I already covered it and it seemed like you missed the fact that I did. The few comments about what it could mean weren't compelling to me. So I just replied to Arch and said I have nothing to bring to the table.

    I didn't expect to have to defend any of this. Arch and Error said basically the same thing as me, after I said it, and they've both since been confirmed as townies. This shouldn't be a reason to suspect me of being mafia and I'm amazed that so much focus has been spent on this.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zero
    I'm sorry but how would I know if you were being specific to my post or just said it in general? In my perspective, you were responding to Arch when he called you out. You know very well that it could be used against you because the possibility of you just purposefully ignoring it was there as well, thus me calling you out on it for verification.
    I was responding to Arch. Hopefully in the context of everything I said above you'll understand why I had no reason to even consider the possibility that you'd find this suspicious. I can't purposefully ignore something when I was literally the first person to bring it up and the first person to do what you suggested.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zero
    Let's assume I was the mafia -- Even then, why would I bring up the point of Xyskal again in light if it'll only bite me back in the ass if a player catches on to a clue (e.g: You). Isn't that counter productive of my goal to win as a mafia?
    Not really. The entire point of the town is that they're the uninformed majority, and the more time spent analyzing what little information we have, the better.

    The entire point of the mafia is to blend in with the town, which means publicly pretending to play to their win condition, which means they're going to need to participate in some analysis at some point. This is inherently risky and the suggestion that taking that risk is evidence that you're not mafia doesn't really hold up when that's what the mafia needs to do to pull off a win.

    What you've accomplished in the last 72 hours or so is forcing much of the discussion to be about something that makes absolutely no fucking sense, which is Xyskal dying night 1. Something that pretty much everyone else agreed was a dead end. Something that you, as mafia, could have orchestrated. This isn't a crazy thought.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zero
    That's understandable but just as how you're scrutinizing me now for making posts beneficial and contributing to town as a way to potentially hide me as a mafia, you're also subject to the same suspicion of stating I could get the Ex-Mod role by gaining my favor and then using that as a leverage when it's time to steer the discussion to lynch me or to someone else until we're the last man standing, which would spell game over
    I guess but I wouldn't expect such a minor thing to 'gain your favor' after how much you've hammered me over one post. I certainly wouldn't expect it to convince anyone else, it's just common sense, you're the most active player so you're a decent candidate for a night kill. If you're mafia it doesn't help you in any way but it's worth the protection in case you're a townie. Worth more than protecting Xate at least. This doesn't exonerate me but since only one other player even suggested you take it I think it's worth bringing up.

    But if we're going to follow your line of logic, where I'm mafia and I've done all of this to prepare for getting the town to kill you the next day.... why would I do that? You've literally been the safest player in the game thus far and you haven't been a threat to me in any way, why would I risk trying to steer the entire town against you when I could just pile onto Xate or even Smile? This is just unnecessarily risky and makes more sense in the context of a townie trying to get information about another player, rather than mafia trying to take out the safest player in the game when better alternatives exist.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zero
    Or you could be mafia and know who is exactly town and who isn't. No one knew if Arch was a townie or a mafia at that point in time and it was our job to weed them out through discussion.
    Look our allegiances are going to come out eventually and when I'm confirmed townie, I want it known that I'm proud that I knew arch was on my team. I know how he plays and when I saw other players trying to lynch him I defended him to the benefit of the town. If I were mafia I could have easily piled onto him based on his erratic behavior and quite frankly I was hoping I'd have the chance to do so, considering he's the guy who made voting for me round 1 a meme. Unfortunately I knew he was a teammate and I did what I had to do to defend him. Again, it's unfortunate that this has become a reason for people to suspect me as mafia.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zero
    Sure, how he plays is a good insight to have but I'm more focused on the content of their posts because it sounds like I'd be meta-ing him if I used that as my main meat of the argument. Which is also why I'm not bringing up the fact that, on most games, you'd almost always be the first one to die on N1. If I used this against you, it wouldn't be right and it wouldn't be fair in your part as we should treat each game separately and look at what the player's say in this game instead of looking back on what happened to them in previous games.
    You should be using it against me, it's fucking weird that I've survived this long and I'm almost angry at whoever let me survive until now. How the fuck do I make a case for myself and against a remaining player that's more compelling than "Exile's still alive day 3, he's probably mafia".

    Your restraint on that alone is grounds for me to think you're not mafia but at the same time there's everything else I mentioned. You're an enigma. I'll wait to hear your response before I change my vote. I still need to re-read the last day with the knowledge of Error's allegiance and I'll make a proper follow-up another time.
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