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Thread: It's 2019 so Let's Play Dead Ass Mafia!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ErrorBlender View Post
    I'd also like to point out how Exile seems to be the go-with-the-flow guy now, something I was called out on being suspicious for. Right now, he seems down to vote for anyone that Smile points out.
    This is an odd characterization of what I've been doing. When you post it's kind of just commentary on what's happening. I've been actually voting for people and putting out ideas to try and steer the game in the direction I think it should go.

    Asking players what they'd do and coordinating decisions publicly isn't "going with the flow".

    Quote Originally Posted by ErrorBlender
    He didnt leave it to end with the vote for Xyskal because you gave Xyskal a chance by letting him defend himself. We never mass voted Xyskal. In fact, only Exile voted for him.
    I figured Xyskal was going to defend himself. His defense wasn't amazing but wasn't awful either. I'm just more of the opinion that if we have only two choices to make and we choose to lynch the new guy and the inactive guy, we're not really playing the game, we're just voting for the weakest players. That's not how mafia is played.

    And we didn't mass vote Xyskal but you guys were basically saying he had no chance to redeem himself. It seemed inevitable. That said I don't see how that even matters at this point.

    Quote Originally Posted by ErrorBlender
    Have a happy night guys, you're only lynching a bot.
    Well you voted for me and I'm a bot, so if we're wrong at least you were too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ErrorBlender View Post
    I have agreed and disagreed but stayed on my opinions. I still believe Xyskal is shady af and now reading through the posts I feel Exile has been shady too.
    While I agree that Exile may have some cause for suspicion, he's really only been keeping the dialogue alive with Smile, and openly discussing things. The people he's targeted (aside from Smile, I guess?) mostly made sense. And for my own actions, I'd like to remind you that I have exactly zero experience doing these kinds of games. Heck, I spent the entirety of the first day acting the way I was entirely fixated on a joke I. I wasn't taking the game seriously at all. Does someone like that seem capable of making any sort strategy beyond that joke?
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