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Thread: It's 2019 so Let's Play Dead Ass Mafia!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smile View Post
    The fact that you're not the only one deciding who to lynch and that you can still get lynched are irrelevant to who you should vote for.
    I agree, why are we talking about this? I never once tried to explain who i think I should vote for, you're the only one interpreting my posts through that lens

    Quote Originally Posted by Smile
    It seems to me like you're trying to make a decision for the group at a time where nobody has anything to go for other than their personal biases
    What is this even based on? When have I told anyone what to do? I've asked questions which have been ignored and I've made a suggestion or two, that's literally how the game is played

    There's enough to go off here where the vote isnt purely random. There are clearly levels of engagement with the game at this point and inactivity is extremely anti-town behavior. For that reason, #vote Cronos.

    Xyskal, with that said, I want an explanation for why you're fixated on me. Might as well explain it now since you're going to have to explain it when I'm killed and publicly confirmed a bot. If you're a bot you've spent this entire game trying to get rid of the most active member of your team.

    Edit: for clarifications sake, by anti-town I mean anti-bot. In this setup, bots are the town and mods are scum/mafia. I don't know how familiar Xyskal is with mafia terms but thought I'd explain in case it's throwing anyone off
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