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Thread: It's 2020! Let's Play Coronavirus Mafia! | Week 3 (Day)

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    It's 2020! Let's Play Coronavirus Mafia! | Week 3 (Day)

    3/21/20 - In the throes of a dead forum, a quarantine lockdown brings its hapless souls together, beckoning for one more game...
    9/17/19 - Game 1 is done. 5p. I'm typing up the next game which is for 6p. Here are the players:
    9/18/19 - Game 2 rules are up. Please familiarise yourselves with the setup for this 8p game.
    10/8/19 - Game 2 ends. Very VERY Epic. Post-game discussion now open and we will take a break with a more lighthearted game before doing Game 3

    The year is March 2025. The Coronavirus has not been stamped out. In fact, not only has it managed to send nations into disarray, it has managed to get away after all these years due to the sheer potential of its mutation, seemingly adapting itself to every situation. People are dying everywhere as humanity is on the brink of extinction. However, one final event is poised to be man's last stand against the virus and its mutative properties. Will they be able to out think the adaptive properties of a single-celled organism?

    At the start of the game, Players will be PM'd their Alignment:
    1) The Infected Alliance are the "Mafia" and are abstract representations of infected countries who have lost all hope and who's goal is to be the harbinger for humanity's demise. They can also mutate to adapt to the oncoming situation. They have nightkills as well as specific mutant quirks.
    2) United Nations is the "Town" who must get rid of all Mafia by lynch voting in the Day. They represent the uninfected countries that are trying to make the world whole again. Like the virus, they too have their own tools to deal with every situation. But the wrong tool in the wrong situation could spell doom for all.

    There will be 3 Infected Nations composed of:
    1 Infected Normal - no special abilities.
    1 (Random) Backup Strain - is for all intents an Infected Normal until the Strain Carrier dies. You inherit the Strain ability.
    1 Strain Carrier - will have a special strain (see below). When killed, and the Backup Strain is alive, the ability will pass onto him.

    ***You will not know if you are the Backup Strain. It will also not be reported when you get lynched.

    There will also be 7 United Nations:
    5 Normal Nations - no special abilities but the power of Democracy
    2 Special Nations - randomly handed out after a nomination period on Day 1 (see below).

    New Mechanic: Mutative Strain
    Before the game begins and all the Role PM's are done, the Infected will PM me ONE of the ff Mutative Strains that one of you will randomly inherit:

    Type R aka Reckless
    - This viral strain is extremely aggressive and resilient by nature.
    - When the Infected faction's representative who has this trait, submits the the nightkill, that kill cannot be stopped no matter what.

    Type P aka Pretender
    - This viral strain prefers to use subterfuge in its tactics.
    - Any attempts by a Chemist to test for your existence will prove useless.

    Type I aka Invisible
    - This viral strain gets around with its mode of transmission a complete mystery.
    - Any attempts by a Researcher or National Guard to track down an Infected's movement in the last 24 hours will prove fruitless.

    Please note that a RANDOM Infected Country will be given this trait regardless of who PMs me in the pre-game.

    New Mechanic: Counteracting Measures
    So while the Infected gets to choose 1 Strain before the game starts, the United Nations will be able to vote for TWO of FIVE possible Roles during Day 1 to appear in 2 random countries for the rest of the game. Please note that this means nobody will get lynched on the first day. The possible roles are:

    - Determines who is infected via SCIENCE!
    - Every night, you may pick 1 player. You will immediately know if that player is Infected or not.

    National Guard
    - Stands at the ready and observes who crosses each nation's borders.
    - Every night, you may pick 1 player. You will learn if that nation went to visit another nation in secret, and if yes, which nation they were.

    - Studies up the Infected's history to see if any trends exist.
    - Every night, you may pick 1 player. You will learn if there was anyone who targeted them and if yes, which nation they were.

    - The General is in charge of calling in an early curfew should the necessity arise.
    - Every night, you may pick 1 player. All that player's activities will cease and be nullified for the night. Lights out!

    - Prevents the infection from claiming a life.
    - Every night, you may pick 1 player. If that player is a target of the Infected, they do not die unless it was a Type R.

    Please note that like the Infected Strain, 2 RANDOM nations will inherit this role after Day 1.


    Creepin Bro

    Role PMs will come soon. Please familiarise yourself with the rules in the meantime.

    Spoiler for Game 1:

    Spoiler for Game 2:

    1) Private Messaging Allowed. I mean not like I can't stop it, but go ahead knock yourselves out.
    2) Play to your role. Play to win. No griefing.
    3) Though Private messaging is allowed, Day Talk is restricted to this thread. Don't bring it anywhere else, not on Discord, not on another thread.
    4) Have fun!

    Sign-up either through this forum, by posting or just letting yourself be known on Discord. When I have all 5 confirmed players, I will PM roles on Discord.

    "Days" in this game last a real-life week. And "Nights" last 3 real-life days. I will post a timer to prevent timezone confusion.

    FYI If anyone is interested in joining. You're gonna have to join the next one (if it happens!) Drop me a line on Discord or post here whatever, I'll note it down.
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