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Thread: It's 2020! Let's Play Coronavirus Mafia!

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    Would just like to clarify for everyone. Mafia's nightkills are represented by 1 person of the 3.

    So if the Guard chases that 1 person, he will see who he visited.

    For the Researcher, he has to see who that person will target.

    And "Visit" here could be anything that has an action to it.


    Of the 3 Infected, one representative decides to do the nightkill.
    Infected Representative targets X
    Guard watches Infected Representative --> He's informed that Infected Representative visited X
    Researcher chases the history of Infected Representative --> He's informed that the Guard watched him.

    The other 2 Infected are not seen at all.

    Also, if the Representative is the Invisible Strain type, then Guard and Researcher will not see anything at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frNME View Post
    The absolute best case scenario day one for infected would be if they were to get us to pick roles that are absolutely useless in combating the strain that they picked and the only way to accomplish this would be to pick Type Invisible and then have us pick National Guard + Researcher either through pure luck or by convincing us somehow that the infected didn't pick Type I. In this scenario, we would basically picking blind for the rest of the game giving mafia a MASSIVE advantage. Assuming we were to lynch one person every day, UN would have around an 11.4% chance of winning.

    Sure National Guard + Researcher is a pretty potent combo but I wouldn't place a blind wager the entire game on this combo during day one especially considering that Type I is only one of three and it's the play that gives infected the best advantage. If your belief that the infected didn't pick Type I is only based on a "hunch" I wouldn't trust it.
    Type R nullifies both the Doctor and the Guard so it's just as much of an advantage as Type I in terms of the number of roles it nullifies. If I were a betting man I assume that's what the infected went with.

    Smile makes good points. I'd like a chemist in the game too. I'm wary about having a Doctor because the Chemist would have to reveal themselves to make use of the Doctor's ability and if the infected chose the Reckless type we're fucked, one power role is useless and the other is guaranteed to die. If we go with Chemist and Researcher then they can simply hide among us and share their information publicly whenever they have any worth sharing.

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    Ah, my reading comprehension has failed me yet again. I didn't realize that Type R bypassed General (I assume that's what you meant instead of guard). So yeah that's two ways to nullify both roles. Although I'd say it'd be much easier to convince people of the NG + Research combo than the Doctor + General combo. The latter has no real synergy so I'd assume that if the infected were to try to get us to have two useless roles, they go for the two that are easier to sell together. Either way my main point still stands that putting all of our eggs into the same basket like that is an easy way to get beaned day one. The idea that the infected are more likely to pick on strain than another isn't really based on anything concrete.

    I do think that chemist is a solid pick.
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    Since Chemist requires a dedicated strain to combat it, picking it alongside Doctor/General or National Guard/Researcher would be the safest.

    I noticed the former 2 are more about restrictions, which we can tell its effectiveness by the lack of deaths. This means we can be fooled by nights where the infected are inactive.

    National Guard and Researcher give us information, something that can be fakes by the infected posing as one of the special roles.

    Actually, question: will we know the country’s special role when they die? If so, then the information role is mildly buffed.

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    Basically the Chemist and the Doctor are roles that can be nullified by a specific strain, Pretender and Reckless respectively with the Invisible immune to the tracker roles (National Guard and Researcher). When you think about it, the Chemist will still be able to weed out 2 of the infected since only one may have it. I don't agree that Chemist/Doctor is the strongest because the combination only leaves us with one way of searching and leaves us vulnerable if the infected chose Reckless. I would rather have multiple avenues of information gathering rather than one. I'd suggest Chemist (because of how sure it can be to test a person) and either National Guard or Researcher (for additional information in terms of tracking). This way any strain can be searched on. We can't really do anything about Reckless so I'd rather do things that we'll be able to use.

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    I'm pretty good with Chemist/Researcher but I'd like to hear from the others

    especially them mf's active on EightballBender's RP

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    I agree with picking the Chemist.
    While I of course can't speak for everyone, I think it's safe to say everyone should be down with having the Chemist on board. No matter what, they can detect 2 infected, and have a 2/3 chance of being able to detect them all. Sounds to me a little too good to pass up.

    That said, the synergy between Chemist and Doctor as brought up before is a very risky one, as the Chemist would have to reveal themselves, and from then on the Doctor would basically be dedicated to protecting them. General also seems a little less useful to me as we'd have to have a good guess as to who the infected are to use them, so they'd only really be confirming info rather than getting more (which is valuable, but I don't think enough to warrant 1 of 2 roles). And not to mention the General both:
    Is still countered by Type R.
    Could accidentally stop the Chemist.

    That said, I consider it between National Guard and Researcher, as the last few before me have thought as well.
    I for one would go with Researcher as well, as I feel like it'd be easier to deduce a likely victim rather than take potshots at possible infected, and the NG might end up being another role just for confirming information, which if we wanted that, the General would be more effective anyway.

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    Chemist and Researcher sounds great.

    I'd like to request that whoever gets the Researcher role uses their ability on me since I'm always likely to be targeted early. If you guys let the mafia take me out and gain nothing from it I'll won't be mad, but I will be disappointed.

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    Chemist is def my pick too, with Doctor and National Guard I could go either/or.

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    I agree with picking the chemist, it is definitely the most useful, regardless of the infected's choice. I think either National gaurd or researcher is a more reliable choice over the doctor, and it will be nice to have 2 methods to narrow down the infected. My vote goes to the Chemist/researcher aswell.

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