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Thread: It's 2020! Let's Play Coronavirus Mafia! | Week 3 (Day)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exile View Post
    Still willing to be the target of both if they want to go that route. I confirmed with Hewitt that the researcher will see who the chemist is if they target the same player, that's probably the best way to go about this. Otherwise the power roles will have to reveal what they know publicly if and when they gain any useful info.
    I guess it’s my turn to back read. Here’s why.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ErrorBlender View Post
    I was replying to another post who was specifically saying we should ask Hewitt to randomize it and tell everyone here who the targets would be. I was fine with your idea and I wasn't grinding against yours. Did you read my post and the context? I feel like you just found my post and found a reason to point at me.
    Are you being serious right now?

    Quote Originally Posted by ErrorBlender View Post
    What I am seeing right now is that we're at a disadvantage. We can't pressure anyone right now like usual on Day 1 where we point fingers at people randomly and here I was hoping we could actually do a randolynch that Hewitt has pointed out, works. I understand the premise of our info gatherers targeting a single person, Creepin pointed it out and I agree on the basis. However, I also made a point before that I wanted we have multiple avenues of information, if we only target one, we could lose more information. Additionally, the more spread out we do things, the less room the infected can wiggle through. I say we spread the information targets. It would make it easier for us to look out for potential threats. It would be up to their discretion as to who they test and track, I won't give any advice as to whom as any advice I give to them would be too open for the infected to see and they'd plan against it.
    Did you read your own post? Did you read mine? Specifically the post where I replied to this post I just quoted? It sure as hell didn't seem like it, because not only did you completely ignore it but now you're saying you weren't against my idea when my idea involved the target being public knowledge.

    Let me make a tl;dr because it seems like some of us here have a hard time backreading past two posts: I proposed the idea that the power roles should target one person. You disagreed with my plan. I tried to make some change to the plan to maybe accommodate your problems with it. You ignored me, and day 1 ends without the town agreeing on who to pick as the target. Day 2 came and out of nowhere you claim you were fine with my idea, when you didn't say so when I was asking everyone if they agreed with it on Day 1.

    If you were infected then you've successfully stalled the decision-making process. You even tried covering up the fact that you didn't want to contribute by saying shit like, "I won't give any advice as to whom as any advice I give to them would be too open for the infected to see and they'd plan against it" when you know the town benefits from discussion.

    Yes I did find your post and I did find a reason to point at you, as opposed to you voting for me because "it doesn't feel right."

    I propose we execute the plan properly on Night 2 (if the power roles didn't find out anything on Night 1 already). Let's put into vote who we want to be the target. Tally as of now:

    frNME - 2 votes: Smile, frNME
    Exile - 2 votes: Exile, Mantha

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