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Thread: Top 5 things you should pay more attention to when building

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    Top 5 things you should pay more attention to when building

    Top 5 things you should pay more attention to when building your Ecommerce Website

    1. The platform and the website development company:
    Make sure you do enough research in order to make appropriate choices. Platforms like Magento ecommerce offer easy-to-manage administration systems but require an experienced developersí team for the setting-up phase. Choosing the right service provider can save you both time and effort.

    2. Users experience:
    Web design, site speed, and navigation are amongst the factors that form users experience. Take all those factors into account if you wish to get more returning customers.

    3. Checkout and payment gateway:
    Statistics have shown that a complicated checkout process can cause abandoned shopping carts. Various payment options supported could also be an advantage for your E-Commerce site. Platforms like Magento can support the most popular payment options available, from Visa, Mastercard to PayPal, Alipay and even COD (cash on delivery).

    4. Mobile optimization
    Nearly 60% of eCommerce sales were on mobile platforms, as reported in 2017. The number of users who shop via smartphones is increasing day by day. Therefore, mobile optimization is a must.

    5. SEO friendly
    It is important that your products appear on the first page of search results so you could reach more potential customers. Fortunately, with Magento, your product link will always be SEO-friendly automatically created.

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