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Thread: 1000 Blank White Cards (Round 5: 1C2's Turn)

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    1000 Blank White Cards (Round 5: 1C2's Turn)


    1000 Blank White Cards or 1kbwc is a public domain card game where players use creativity and chaos to score points. The goal of the game is the end with the most points OR to just have fun! Whichever priority you want to pursue.

    What makes this game unique is that you will be the ones who will be making a fraction of the cards in an attempt to score arbitrary points. Other than a few guidelines and taboos for balance, there really isn't anything you can't do. Sky's the limit.

    How To Play

    Other than some solid foundations, there really isn't any strict rulebook for 1kbwc. It has been played both in real life and online and each game has their own house rules. I'll try my best to draft what I feel are good at least for this iteration.

    Before the actual game starts, all 6 players will be given 6 Blank White Cards. They will then create their own cards to be used in our game. After each player has PM-ed me their creations, I will shuffle all 36 cards as well as add 24 more Blank White Cards to form a deck of 60. I will then distribute 5 cards per player, with the remaining 35 cards being in the center that will serve as a draw pile. Looking something like this:

    There is only 1 discard pile and it is common in the center.

    Play then consists of each player drawing 1 Card from the central pile and then playing in 1 of 3 possible places:

    a) Your Play Area. All cards played here affect you.
    b) Anyone else's Play Area. All cards played here affect that player.
    c) The Center. All cards played here affect everybody. Even you.

    After the effect takes place, the next player does his thing and so on.

    In the event that a player draws a White Blank Card, they are obligated to on-the-spot create a card of their own. You cannot play a Blank Card as it is (and why would you?!).

    Play continues until the draw pile is reduced to 0. When the game is over, the person with the most points wins!


    For Creating Cards
    1) All cards must have a title, an image, and an effect. These 3 things don't have to be related but it would be nice if they did for thematic purposes.

    2) You may not create a card effect that skips someone's turn even if it is your own.

    3) You may not create a card effect that ends the game prematurely. You may however, create an effect that changes the endgame win condition.
    Not Allowed - If this card is played and you have no cards in your hand, YOU WIN!
    Allowed - The player with the least points wins! (enters play and just stays there until discarded by force or Vetoed)

    4) All Cards should be Unique. When drawing a Blank Card in-game, you may not copy any other existing card's title, image, and effect.

    5) All cards must only have ONE effect.

    6) When playing cards that give or deduct points, only a min-max of -1000/+1000 points is allowed. This is to prevent extremely high or impossible values that just turn the game into a math challenge.

    7) Anyone reading your card must immediately understand what it does. Don't make ineligible or difficult to read cards. Don't make them too big or small.

    For Playing In-Game
    1) When a card hits the table that is considered OP, all players may #Veto said card in order to forcibly discard it. The vote must be in the majority in order for the veto to pass.

    2) If a ruling is deemed vague, it is up to the players to decide how it should go. Majority wins.

    3) When playing a card, the window for playing a possible counter or response (if it exists) is 1.5 days. Although, in the first place, if you feel like the possibility of countering someone bogs the game down then try not to make too many specific counter cards. Please note that this does not affect "Play anytime" cards because that's what they are. Anytime.

    4) Have fun guys!

    Card Creation Specifics

    Card Creation - Terminology
    You'll need these terms in order to make your cards:

    ***Please note that as our metagame improves, these terms are set to change or increase.

    To the Left/Right or Across - In the actual game, I will mention where each player will be sitting. So it's possible to play cards that affect the people "beside" or "in front of" you.

    Play Area - A Person's Area that affects them. Either your own or others.

    Central Area - The area that when played, affects everyone.

    Veto - As discussed, it is the act of calling for a vote when an OP card hits the table. Yes that's right, you are allowed to make veto-phase or veto-affecting cards.

    Trap Cards - Any card that reacts in response to another effect.

    Card Creation - General and Tips
    1) You can decide how to make your cards. Anything with a title, image, and effect is considered a card. Possible ways include:
    - Opening up MS Paint and going to town.
    - Literally creating a card irl and snapping a pic of it.
    - Card Generators. Here's one for:
    Magic -
    YGO -
    Netrunner -

    2) I will be requiring a URL for each card created to keep track of the cards easier. Personally I use lightshot to screen things but to each his own.

    3) Unless I specified it above, ANY kind of card effect is allowed. Some suggestions are:
    Point Makers. Just give +/- points to someone
    Ex: Badly Drawn Stick Figure - Deduct 100 points. You suck.

    Meta Cards. Cards that affect a player outside the context of the game.
    Ex: Tourette's a Bitch - As long as this card remains, player(s) must now incoporate any curse word into their posts. In Bold, All Caps, and Size 5 or higher.

    Rule Cards. Cards that affect any of the established rules above.
    Ex: Pitcher of Pride - Instead of Drawing and Playing 1 each turn, you now Draw 3 cards, Reveal 1 of those, and Discard the other.

    Fill in the Blank Cards. Cards that enter play incomplete and must be completed on the spot.
    Ex: (Enters play without an image) Empowering Acronym - Draw an image in the blank space. From now on, when a card containing a letter from that image enters play, gain an extra +500 points. If it doesn't, you are deducted -500 points.

    Set Effect Cards. Throughout the game, certain cards might be created with the same motif. You can create a card that affects those cards specifically.
    Ex: Stick Genocide - All cards with a stick figure are removed from play and discarded.

    Phase Cards. Cards that take effect during a certain phase in the game. Yes, even before the actual game starts. Yes, even after.
    Ex: The Merge - When drawn, instantly reveal this card to the Center. All RHG Cards now give an extra 50 points to anyone who plays them regardless of what they do.
    ***Please note that should a card state they take place at game's start and you get the card midgame, you're out of luck and the card is a dud.

    Irrelevant Value Cards. Who says points are the only thing you can gain in this game?
    Ex: RHG Clan - Gain 6 Stick Figures.
    ***I will now note that you have this currency in your score area. Whether or not you decide you wanna do something with it, is up to everyone else.

    Gamble Cards. Cards that require the use of dice or any randomizer to trigger.
    Ex: Russian Roulette - When this card enters play, a Six Shooter with 1 Bullet in the Chamber is now available for anyone to use. Anytime in the game, a player may #Shoot-Target a player and a 6d is rolled. On a 6, that player loses 1000 points. The next time a player is targeted, a 5d is rolled, etc.

    Sneaker Cards. Cards that are automatically played in secret, out of turn. Usually, as a result of a trigger or condition.
    Ex: Infracted for Minor Spam - When any player decides to make a post completely unrelated to the game, this card will automatically go in their hand and that player loses 500 points.

    And many more! By the way, feel free to use my examples above if you'd like.

    Oh and by the way, any form of "gaining points" is also considered as an "effect" in this game.

    Sample Games
    Stephen and Friends (Real-Time)
    MafiaScum (Forum)



    So right now, I just need your cards. Send me 6 Cards of your own creation. They must have a Title, Image, and Effect as well as the URL to their image. Refer to the rules above for specifics.

    Send them to me either here or on Discord.

    We'll start as soon as possible.
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    By the way guys, take all the time you need. We ain't going anywhere. I guess if I had to put a deadline it would be a week from now, but we'll start playing when everyone's submitted properly.

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    That'd be great.

    I'm swamped with work right now so I didn't get the chance to do it over the weekend.

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    Update : Errorblender has submitted his 6 (btw send it to me on discord not here)

    Also, in lieu of Exile's personal situation, he might not be able to participate. I'll decide further the more submissions we get. But for now he can still join us.

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    Sticky this thread, fag

    I submitted my stuff so we can start whenever the power/internet thing gets fixed I guess.

    `~ "What is broken can be reforged" ~`

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    Arch actually updating his set in this time of the forums.

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    Rightio a couple of weeks later and here we are, we're ready to begin! By now, I have Msg'd you your cards on Discord. I've decided to just send cards through that as Card Drawing is a pain to PM individually. Everyone's on there anyway so its just as well.

    Table (and Turn Order):

    Deck: 26 (will be 25 when the first player draws first)

    Also examples of Card Play directions (for if you want to make cards that target around the table):

    - Xate is TO THE LEFT of Zero. To Zero's RIGHT is Smile.
    - 1C2 is BETWEEN Smile and Arch
    - Arch is sitting ACROSS Zero.

    Game Flow:
    1) Whenever you play a card, please mention:
    - The Card (duh)
    - Where you're playing it (either yourself, Someone, or at the Center where it affects everyone)
    - Any miscellaneous info you might have to include.

    2) You may have noticed that your hands might contain a "Blank Card". Well, that is a blank new slate you may create from at anytime. However, they will not be recognized as legit cards until you PM them to me on Discord. FYI: There are 20 Blank Cards in this game's deck, some of which are in the player's hands already.

    3) The game ends when the last card is drawn from the Deck and that player has played his card.


    1) There is a Discard Pile and a Deck also on the "table". You can make effects that Shuffle, Scry, or Manipulate these Piles if you wish. As long as they're within the established or rewritten rules. Also the Golden Rule of "Don't make cards that prematurely end the game." is forever applied and cannot be manipulated.

    2) You do not have to wait for me to update the thread, each time someone plays a card. Just know when your turn is coming and play accordingly. I will do my best to update the thread for statistics when I can. The only reason to wait is if you want something clarified or resolved that would require me to be present. I will also be PM-ing Drawn cards in private.

    3) That said, if you want a bit of auto-pilot going on or if you'll be busy in the time that your turn comes, you can msg me on Discord to play a certain card when your turn comes. I will also accept "If" statements. Like for if you want to play something at a specified time or as a counter.

    4) All Cards have been proofread by me and clarified with the person who made them. If you don't understand what it does, just ask me.

    5) If there is a ruling or interpretation that appears vague, that is up to you guys to discuss and deliberate. I will only step in if there is an impasse. The chances of this happening are low however because of...

    Rules - Vetoing Cards:
    Every once in awhile, there'll be a card that might be too OP for this game. Anyone who thinks this must initiate a vote to #VETO the card. Since there are 6 players, 4 votes must #VETO in order to exclude the card. Discussions can happen in between. The time limit for a #VETO is approximately 2.5 days since the initial VETO

    Upon success, the card is ejected from the game and the original card player must choose another card to play. Upon failure, the card effect triggers as normal and play resumes normally.

    There shouldn't be a need for it, but just in case I will assign a name for all cards Veto'd this way. They are henceforth known as Exiled Cards. Should a future card wish to reference an Exiled Card in any capacity, it is entirely possible. But be sure to word it in a way that it won't earn the ire of a #VETO lol.

    That it I guess. Good luck, have fun! And if you have questions and clarifications, you know where to find me.

    Turn 1 begins with Xate. I have already given him his Draw for the turn.

    Anytime you wanna start, buddy!
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    First card in and it forced my hand already.

    Creepy Doll -

    Enjoy, Zero.

    And since this card is automatic, I play another card!

    Behold my Weebo Power -

    Tag! Smile, you’re it!
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    Card Effects:

    Xate's Creepy Doll - jumps out of his hand!

    Creepy Doll latches onto Zero!

    Xate plays Behold my Weebo Power - on Smile!

    Smile is now a WEEB!

    Zero - Cursed by the Creepy Doll (
    Smile - is now a WEEB (

    It is now Zero's turn! The Creepy Doll saps his non existent life force for 0 points!

    ***Also clarification: All discarded cards are played Face Up!

    ALSO ALSO. If I catch someone not adhering to the rule change cards, even if they edit their post, the penalty will still apply.
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    [ATHIEST] - [Smile]

    Fucking weeb.
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