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Thread: Why choose Magento for eCommerce website?

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    Why choose Magento for eCommerce website?

    This is my suggest for magento pricing for your business. The cost to set-up and operate a Magento ecommerce site will depend on your organization and its complexity. Magento offers one option, Magento Open Source, free for download. However, while the software is available for free, you will need to pay for web development, web hosting, and additional necessary integration costs to launch and maintain your site.

    These costs can be substantial, so you will need to do research on your specific needs to understand your full monthly outlay.

    If you are interested in running Magento Enterprise Edition the cost will depend on your business needs. To understand Magento pricing specific to your business, you will need to request an individualized quote. The total cost will be based on your storeís average order value and annual online revenue. This can start at around $22,000 per year and go all the way up to $125,000.

    Licensing will not be your only costs. You also need to think about:

    Infrastructure: Web/app servers, databases, firewalls, and load balancers.
    Development: Programming, design, and app integration costs.
    Managed support: Fees to manage updates, troubleshooting, bug fixes, patches, and training.
    Technical staff: Employee or team on staff to manage the software.
    By contrast, with a SaaS platform, your infrastructure costs and managed support costs are covered. You will still have design, development, and app integration costs as you tailor the platform to your specific business needs.

    An on-premise solution, like Magento, could still be the right choice for your business, but itís important to calculate these factors to get a look at your total cost of ownership.

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    Very interesting, I would also recommend a good web hosting from NetShop, they helped me to set up my business, they can work with huge databases, they have very good service and the quality of the work provided.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lindax View Post
    Very interesting, I would also recommend a good web hosting from NetShop, they helped me to set up my business, they can work with huge databases, they have very good service and the quality of the work provided.
    thank you

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    Well, E-commerce is my favorite site to develop, I am web developer working of various online freelancing websites. There are so many of my clients which want an E-commerce or Woo-commerce websites by using Magento. Basically I also prefer Magento because in it the customization is very good. And the Integration is also brilliant. Recently one of my client want a website which must have some Conversation Topics He gave me a sample of a landing page And one more thing he want most of the development in Magento Open source. I checked the sample and Its really good, the website is all about various kind of essay, assignments, thesis related topics. I am very much impressed with the development. What you guys think ? Please check and let me know.

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    Magento? I've always dealt with WordPress and I have never been dissatisfied with it. I made a website to sell my goods and provide services. So to do it I used wordpress merchant button and it wasn't difficult to implement.

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    If you don't know what web design company is the best, I want to recommend you this one - web design perth, they will listen to all your wishes and will make something really fantastic. Save this link somewhere for the future.

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    Actualy... I have no idea who uses magento these days.
    Wordpress is the easiest and i think best solution for non tech savvy people to stsrt building their online brand.

    Tons of web hosting providers can work eith it out of the box. It is easy and fast.

    No reasons to chose magento these days! Don't do that!)

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