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Thread: A challenger approaches!

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    Junior Member Aelic's Avatar
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    Jan 2018

    A challenger approaches!

    Aelic cuts in!
    Welcome my dudes. Hoping to share with you all some of my epic writing projects and my glorious *cough* not *cough* self. Anyway, see y'all around!

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    No ordinary girl... Cassandra's Avatar
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    Welcome to the forum Aelic! Before you start, you may want to check out the rules.

    I hope you have a wonderful time here. I sure have!

    Spoiler for answering the challenge:

    Also, greetings to a fellow writer! If you ever need any help, I'll do my best to assist you.
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    Jan 2018
    Beautiful, maybe I should use Olimar more...
    As to the rules, I've looked them over significantly. And yeah, if I ever need any help I'll be sure to ask you!

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    The other peninsula
    ***I know I might be late for that***

    Welcome to the forum Aelic! It s always nice to have new faces(or avatars at least), especially now that the Writing Lounge is (fricking) dead.

    Apart from personal complains; again welcome to the forum and know that we all look up for new people and their writings.

    Now... I thought I had more to say, but it seems to be just repeating the same meaning with different words so I'll stop here.

    Good luck!

    ***Nailed it***
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    thanks greek! Btw, couldn't we revive the writer's lounge?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aelic View Post
    thanks greek! Btw, couldn't we revive the writer's lounge?
    You can try. Probably not possible, but you can try.

    Spoiler for WHO I SUPP:

    I will remember you, Iwata...
    Quote Originally Posted by Richard
    ...but you just dealt me a crisp one right there.

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    I am interested to be a part of your comic and write my own story for your pages to fillup as I am a good essayswriting person so I can write and give you alot of ideas to let this story going on with more humor than strange feeling for the readers, can we also post it somewhere else where we can grab more peoples to read.
    please do let me know about this salutation if you are that interested in this want me to compete with you

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