You should add more skins for the soldiers. I've got some ideas:

skin name: Toxic
-Poison immunity
-All soldiers poison the enemies when they hit them for a short duration (I will leave this to the creators)
-User control swordwrath can throw helmet to some of the enemies and they will be poisoned. spearton can throw helmet and spear because he also has his knife. giant can throw his weapon because he has the dead giant back
you can add something else if you want
the skin should look like made of green steam so it will be animated, not like the others and it should cost i think like 7000 you can increase or decrease that

skin name: Waterflame
-Damage reflect
-User control fire
-User controlled magikill can do something with his staff and a wave should appear and damage and stun the enemies and also fire should appear (very useful if they try to garrison into the castle)
you can also add something else if you want
the skin should look like everything is made of water but surrounded by fire so it should also be animated so the shield of the spearton (if you make it round) should be water inside and surrounded by fire around i think it would look cool

you can also add some others if you want. im just posting this because now it doesnt have many skins so i would like more (idk about the others)...