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Thread: Antebellum: The Five Nations RP

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    When the food arrived, Luke's first instinct was to rush in and fill himself up. Luckily, he restrained himself from doing so, noting to himself that such an act would most likely make him look rude and impolite. Additionally, he observed that there were no actual utensils, and he had failed to bring a pocket knife like Peladryia.

    Unless he physically tore off chunks with his metallic hands, the deer and steamed vegetables were off the table, as well as the meat. Logically, the only things he could take from the table without looking like a buffoon would be the eggs, or some tea or juice.

    Luke decided to fill up a glass of tea. Something to calm the nerves, and make himself feel more at ease. He didn't need to eat that much, anyway, as the sunshield helped him out on that regard.

    Lounging back on his chair, Luke blew on the glass. He then took small, cautious sips, while savoring the aroma.

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    Blending almost surreptitiously into the environment, Jack collected and ate his food in a manner that was more akin to background noise than something that attracted attention. While he wore steel armor, his nature to be as non-intrusive as possible led to his adjustments that kept his movements uncharacteristically quiet for a warrior.

    He had wanted to introduce himself out loud. Knight Jack, a chivalrous soldier who is helpful and kind towards others in need. Just like heroes from stories of old, historical and fantastical. Yet, he stayed quiet.

    While he would love to pay attention to his companions for the Fade mission, mingle with them and learn more about them, it took all of his energy to maintain a relaxed, invisible and plain facade to hide the swirling pool of emotions inside of him. Fear, rage, vengeance, bitterness, confusion, hesitation, bewilderment, and more. This cocktail of feelings was all the result of the presence of the two Hollowed characters, one monstrous male and one insidious female.

    Why are these monsters here? Are they here to take away and rob away the lives of these people? Of the Fade who maintains the world’s order? Why are they considered equals, not the beasts that they are? His poisonous thoughts slowly, but surely deeper into his general demeanor. His brief, almost non-existent glances to the Hollowed we’re getting more frequent. His hand touched his sword’s scabbard more frequently than he’d liked. He focused on the sensation of his neck, where it met his own necklace. A necklace made from Hollowed scale.

    Yet, there was still a sliver of rationality holding onto his emotions. That sliver has never been broken in his thirty years of life, and it will not break today. It has been what kept him alive when he was young, and he’s not about to let it ruin his chance to be part of the Fades.

    I am now a Knight. Knight Jack. A chivalrous soldier who is helpful and kind towards others in need. Just like heroes from stories of old, historical and fantastical. I am not acting as a proper knight to these... beings. Characters... People. I was, or am being racist. I must remind myself that the Silidar have also faced such discrimination. I am a Knight, not just to people, but to everyone, Hollowed included.

    He slowed his normal breathing, as if to reset his mental state, and spoke.

    “It seems I haven’t introduced myself! My name is Jack, Knight Jack,” Jack introduced himself, standing up from his seat. His movement was more animated, more noisy, more attention grabbing. To grasp the flow of attention is an important skill among the nobles and elite, and this situation is one of them. “I am honored to meet you all! I have rarely met so diverse a group of individuals like this, so I will do my best to help you all to the best of my ability!” Brandishing a smile on his young, unsullied face, Jack hoped to portray a starry-eyed youth lacking in worldly experience. After all, he had spent undue effort in maintaining his youthful appearance for a reason. The way of the exemplary slave among the powerful.

    When he thought back to an hour ago, he realized he was utterly consumed by his hatred and unable to gather any information about his peers, not even their names. An error he had paid dearly before. While this environment wouldn’t be so harsh like the royal halls of Sento, he should still tread carefully.
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    It wasn't long before three individuals appeared from the doorway. One could assume they were at the very least part of the war room meeting earlier, in fact, Knight Jack recognized one of them as the one who acknowledged them with a nod. As they entered, Elent straightened his posture and breathed in but didn't speak. Of the three, one was visibly older with deep set eyes and long braided white hair. Two younger men flanked him on either side that wore leather armor decorated in the Fade's colors and insignia while their senior wore simply, a large fur coat that covered a blue shirt and pants. The old man, breathed in and moved his side to side, gazing at the menagerie of adventurers inside the room.

    He spoke slowly but with an eerie calm. "Greetings, my name is Voll Harma, Seer of the Mist," he said plainly. "I seem to be in the presence of willing members of society. I am thankful that you honor us with your arrival. Now, I won't go into much pleasantries, all you must now is that the world is at the precipice of war. It seems that every nation on this continent has been scheming. Now, I understand that you may hold these nations as your home but once they do break the balance, there will be no home left to speak of. Your leaders are tyrants. They speak of peace but only of their own. Violence is not the way towards unification and violence is the only way to quell such arrogance." Voll then moved his hands behind him as he spoke, maintaining eye contact with the party. "The Silidar have been moving through beneath the world, their network of tunnels have begun to spread across the entire continent even breaching towards the underdark of the Hollowed lands. This brings them closer to conflict with those your reptilian kin," Voll nodded in the direction of Tryssa and Xerkin. "Your overlords however have their own plans, breeding perfect predators and priming their magics towards the capital of Mythran to finally declare their superiority to the surface. Mythran with its ever paranoid emperor has gathered its armies to strike at all fronts, sending crude and violent messages to every nation around it. The Shento and Vetran nations have agreed to take the capital for its own but peaceful negotiations between the honor bound and the armor clad have deteriorated into mistrust and disdain. Now the Vetran arm their weapons and train them towards the Shento who in turn has sent their kaido assasins through the border to wreak havoc amongst the populace. With the ever growing need of resources, the Vetran have turned towards Silidar territory, rich in resources due to their coexistence with nature." Voll then turned to Luke and Jack before moving on to the rest.

    "We fades have had our fair share of enacting justice on selfish tyrants," Voll started. "But our numbers grow thin. We did not have the strength of our yesteryears." He laughed weakly as he turned to the two ex-fades in the party, his next sentence directed at them. "But we do need some reinforcement, we would not call on you if times were not as dire. The war will spark on all nations, of which all have their motivations to move to it. It is not a matter of why or where but now when. The kindling has been set and the match has been thrown. We must act so that the rest of the kindling does not burn."

    Voll then looked at the table, that was oddly misplaced in the room. He looked to one of his men and motioned to the table, which they quickly moved towards and relocated it in front of the Seer. The men then unrolled the map of the continent for the party to see, marked visibly with army movements and informations on troop count. There, marked above each nation, were five targets for the party clearly named: Overlord Gazoktha of the Hollowed Ones, Lion General Uriah Platinumhand of the Mythran Empire, Chieftain-Lord Fakrash of the Silidar Clans, Forward Exarch Karakas of the Vetran Imperium and the Monarch Ptilomia of the Shento Gardens. "Marked here are your targets. Once they fall, the rest begin to crumble. Some may not actually be the leaders of their respective kingdoms but are a pillar in the tyranny they support. Once they're out of the picture, we may begin to topple their regimes at the bud. If you have questions, this is the time to ask."
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    Sudden burst of activity from Jack startled the cat. It ran about halfway throughout the room before slowing down a bit. It gave the people inside last curious, albeit a little spooked glance before exiting the premises with feline grace, as if it were its idea all along. Peladryia watched it leave, before turning her indifferent gaze to Jack. "Loud." She murmured to herself, and brought the hot beverage closer to her face to examine it.

    Then the Fades arrived. She recognized the elder, although she had never seen him in person. Only stories and hazy memories, confirmed by the title. The man gave a speech, stating the obvious matter of things for those who bother to look around. When he addressed her and Arthur, Peladryia's face moved for the first time ever since she entered the room. It was ever so light, but it was a frown nonetheless. The impudence...That is where cowardice and ignorance leads you, old man... Her stare turned ice-cold as she locked eyes with Voll. They both knew.

    When the map was presented, Pel only took a step forward to be able to vaguely tell what's marked there. She brought the cup of tea up to her mouth and took a sip with her eyes closed. By now her composure had returned, and her face turned back into stone. "This is supposed to be a kill team, then..." Pel exclaimed after a moment of silence, and opened her eyes. Reaching into the depths of her poncho she pulled out a pinch of some spice-like mixture, and sprinkled her tea with it. "...that explains some things." The girl added quietly, eyeing those around her as she took another sip.
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