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Thread: Race

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    Hi. This is my first attempt at stick fighting. It's not perfect but i really like how it turned. I plan on doing more and i hope you will like it
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    Pretty damn good. Blood was good. However some of the attacks and motions were bad.

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    Kind of stiff and slow, the limbs were short. But fluid, smooth and I really like the ending. The credits were bad ass!!


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    When I walked into to this and saw (FireMan3521) I thought to myself, hmmm only 6 posts, this is probably gunna suck. And please, I know my name sucks but I am going to change it now because this is my 300th post.

    I'm glad to see you suprised me, you're 2 or 3 times better than me,... asshole. lol

    Limbs were short, the arms especially in one part. Very fluid, lacked a background, some movements were under-emphasized.

    But it was good, damn good.

    MOAR 0:<
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    Good job on making something so long, but most of the movements were weird. So was the stick construction, they were kindof out of proportion at times. Good work overall though

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    You have the right idea.

    One suggestion I can give to you is at the beginning when you were zooming through the characters is to have them go past the screen and not directly on top of them and then they disappear. It's more appealing for the audience.

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    Wow, I though the bit were he attacked him with his own limb was really fluid and nicely animated, also I thought you made really good use of V-Cam all the way through.

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