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Thread: Haha, local anesthetic doesn't work on me

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    Haha, local anesthetic doesn't work on me

    So today I went to my E.N.T. for a post-op appointment, and he discovered 3 bad things have happened since my surgery.

    My nose didn't heal straight.
    I have scar tissue about 4 mm thick through one side of my sinuses
    The tip of my nose didn't stay sticking out ((My nose used to be completely flat, he tried to make it point out, but I never grew the bone that is in the tip of your nose that makes your nose stay pointed out))

    So he tells us we are going to have to have another surgery to fix the straightness and to make my nose point out ((apparently its the most probable reason why i still have sleep apnea)). Then he says he can cut away the scar tissue in his office.

    So he numbs me twice ((He knew it doesn't work too well on me, so he used two different ones, a spray and a shot)) and attempts to cut through the tissue, he asks if it hurts, is say DUH! you're cutting into my head! so he numbs me again, and repeats the process. This goes on about 4 or 5 more times, until he decides that its too painful for me, and he's going to do that during the surgery as well.

    So I don't stop bleeding for another 2 hours, and by the time i do stop, I'm so dizzy that I can barely stand up. Then I had to go play tuba for 1-1/2 hours.

    Anyone else had bad doctor experiences like this?

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    yes actually I have had about 30 surgeries in my life so far. Since I myself are disabled a bit.

    On topic: Doctor did surgery on intestine and said that she wanted to do as least as possible to fix the problem. After I took a week to recover they said that they had to do something else and start over so another week of recovering and they said it happens all the time. a.k.a forgetting in the freaking first place to finish the job.. So now I have to stay another week cause they forgot and wanted to do the least as possible. Why don't they just do the entire thing so it cuts out all the possibilites of going in again?

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