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Thread: CS: Source Map

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    CS: Source Map

    My first map on Valve Hammer Editor!
    AND I SUCK ASS!!! :P

    DoD's 3D pwns mine, anyways.
    But, why dontcha check it out?

    (Oh, and this is my first attempt at 3D modeling. Ever)

    Front Top Rightish view:

    outdoors front left view
    back right view
    main hall (Directly inside the arched entry way you saw in the back right view)
    upstairs (above main hall)
    Outdoor stairway

    Front Blueprint:

    Side Blueprint:

    Top Blueprint:

    I know I got a bit screenie crazy on this, but I just wanted to show you all how hard I worked on it.
    Time it took: 5 days on and off

    This map is totally Playable on CS: Source.
    All of you should totally check out Valve Hammer Editor v.3.4

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    Looks great, but I already made a thread. Just bump that with your post.

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    Awesome map, just needs a skybox. And what kind of grass texture is that? Looks more lush and green to the regular CS:S grass.

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    Yes. Awesome indeed.
    Do you looked at any tutorial to make this? I'm interesting about this because I would like to do something like this too.

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    No tuts used.
    Just screwed around with tools until I got the hang of it.

    Still got a lot to learn,though.

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