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Thread: StickMan Online. a C++ MMORPG Project.

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    StickMan Online. a C++ MMORPG Project.

    Hello, i'm Tenev most people know me as Penihop.
    i have finished Informatics High School this year, and i'm C++ Professional.
    7 days ago, i came accidentally across youtube video which was about stickman's fighting... so i decided to create Online Game about it, sure there is a problem (i'm not good with any animation/gfx).

    please note this is not the first time i mess with mmorpg creation, and this is a serious project.

    but there i took the walking from Pivot, and i've started coding it for few days. doesn't fit perfect, but it was just about basic test.
    now after i coded the server and the client it seems very interesting how much people actually would play such game just for fun, and but even more.

    Client info:
    Programming Language-> C++ & .NET 2.0
    Network-> .NET Sockets
    Graphics Library-> Allegro (might switch to OpenGL later)

    Server info:
    Programming Language-> C++
    Network-> WinSock 2.2

    What was started:
    The BLACK Screen! (GFX init );
    Online Users-> walk/connect/disconnect/ stats/levels/ experience/usertype / position X&Y / optimized network position BX/BY;
    Most of the Server<->Client networking functions;
    A Chat (did it in 5 minutes so its not really a deal);

    What is ongoing:
    Basic Actions->Run/Walk/sit down/jump etc.. ;
    Fight Tools-> Knife's/Swords/other items/
    Fighting System -> Punch/Kick/Cut/ and also play with tools (not more than 10 skills per character)

    What would be done last[Harder things/GFX Part's]:
    Basic Items-> Armor's/Hat's/Boots/Glove's
    Character Style->Assassin/Warrior/MasterMind

    What will be done last [easy things]:
    Login Form;
    Databases & MySQL DataServer;
    a Website;
    Bad Guys/PVE (lets call them monsters);
    the game name must be done;

    here i provide a link to the first build of the Game (first version that can be tested atleast for network functionality), there is nothing much done yet, not even background, everything is just basic, a walking StickMan and unfinished chat.. made to test the functionality of what was initiated, you can run the client up to 2 times. download it here ->

    as you may figured animations would be about 40% of the game, so i need few professionals who would be doing them free at first, as i do. they will own about 40% of the game. i need highly skilled animators who can do the game more realistic [ and cruel ; ) ]
    four Pivot/Flash animators can join the Team, each one of them will own 10% of the game.

    Staff Members:

    Closed Beta Testers: 21/30;
    Developers: 2/3;
    Designers: 1/3;
    Animators 2/4;


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    Looks pretty well set up, but before you go any further, are you sure you want the animations to be in Pivot? In my opinion Flash is much more versatile and much more easily stylised.

    For instance, everything here is made with Flash, and they are arguably the best stick figure animations on the internet.

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    This is going to be a C++ Game mainly because it will be more optimized/faster than any other type of Game language's. C++ it is one of the most advanced/capable & optimized languages and it's used in most of the games. for example, in most of the C++ Games images/animations are drawn on buffer, and that buffer is drawn on the player screen, both buffer and animations are loaded into the memory (RAM) before being drawn, and that is lag-less and fast, because of the RAM memory, we can call them with incredible speed. Flash movies, which are not fully loaded in RAM memory are slow, because they use also SWAP Memory or Page File, and they are processed by Flash Player, which is not that optimized. take a 2 GB Flash movie for example, it will start lagging/leaking Page File at some point. even simple .avi would perform better than Flash

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    Bonk right , A big prjoect like this better use flash. flash 8 , cs3 , or cs4 . with FPS 12 or 21. Thats just a tips , hope you going well with it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brainstick View Post
    Bonk right , A big prjoect like this better use flash. flash 8 , cs3 , or cs4 . with FPS 12 or 21. Thats just a tips , hope you going well with it
    i just need each frame in image file, as long as flash can export images this way i'd be fine. else, tracking & PVP Network system would not be synchronized... the game supports FPS changes for each animation.

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    I think flash can do something like that ...

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    Flash can export sepperate frames as .png's.

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    If you want, I could animate for you.
    Also, flash can export frames as serveral image filetypes.

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    Flash is certainly easier and more versatile. It also tends to draw in the better animators. The proof for this is simply in the fact that you PM'd me to take a look at this because you consider me a good animator.

    If you really want me to help I'll do what I can whenever I have the time, but, while it's probably possible to do in pivot, I'm going to go with everyone else and recomend against it.
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    yea this project will come out in better quality if you use and if you want even more awesome animators you should also check out
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    Why the fuck would you animate in pivot during a party. Now go get laid.
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