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Thread: The Crazy Swordsman

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    Post The Crazy Swordsman

    The Crazy Swordsman

    Name; Blade
    Body Color; Dark Red
    Eye Color; Yellow
    Age; 34

    Theme Music;
    <coming soon>

    Spoiler for Story:

    Persona; -Overly Confident in his abilities.
    -Mildly irritated by complicated powers.
    -Laughs and Screams a lot while berserking.

    Strengths and Abilities; Powerful in Close Range combat, Extremely Agile
    He's already strong, but his speed makes for momentums capable of lethal impacts.
    He's capable of deflecting or blocking bullets with just his blade.

    His Abilities of observation allow him to predict movements,
    and other information about his prey.

    He enters a Berserk Mode either when the fight reaches climax or he loses consciousness.
    It can be noted that if he realizes he can't beat his opponent without Berserking,
    he will hit his head with/on something until he knocks himself unconscious.

    Berserking does not activate from anger, but much rather is a zone he enters when he's fighting purely on instinct.
    Rather it's not entirely possible to make him angry at all.
    While he's berserking he has a mental high, and tends to laugh and screech a lot.

    Weaknesses; He's willing to give himself an opening when in a stalemate with his opponent to attempt a lethal attack.
    His overconfidence in his strength and abilities exaggerate how powerful he really is.

    Complicated super powers, or conditional abilities.
    Some surprise attacks that are super power related.

    Current Scores: Win 0/Lose 0/Forfeit 1

    New Battles:
    none yet -

    old battles(with Lance)
    win -
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    haha the darkness will destroy the light >:O mwahahahahahahaha

    (nice RHG)

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    Quote Originally Posted by XaioShadow View Post
    haha the darkness will destroy the light >:O mwahahahahahahaha

    (nice RHG)
    talk about a major.. and i mean maaajor bump @.@
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    I really like your demos, just work out the story a bit more.
    PM me when you pimped your story, then I will unlock your RHG. (also do not forget to also send me a link to your RHG then)

    edit: RHG unlocked. Good luck fighting!
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    Cool RHG man ,GL for u battles

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    Sweet RHG!

    Reminds me of Leozor v2...

    Quote Originally Posted by Japs
    Quik: mek don't most japs maturbate to underaged little girls, not ponies?
    balistiik: NOUFUCKYOUQUIK
    bl3u: XD
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    bl3u: CUZ THATS TRUE

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    nice RHG :O that blew my mind .......

    want to join my clan :P?

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    Quik: Ikr

    JanRavnik: Rawgreen is already in Chronicle :/

    Nice Rhg Rawgreen, I want to see more this guy soon

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    aw sorry -.-'...

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    i love the the 2nd demo and nice touch with the blurs the looks great and the bullet epic

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